The Rocking Horse

July 24, 2009

Rocking horse in a modern context, designed out of few bits and pieces of old german motorbikes. Good for the kid who grew up in a concrete jungle…

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April 7, 2009

The Lamborbiker is a concept bike inspired by the Osmos wheel and the Lamborghini Countach.

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Brammo Enertia

March 7, 2009

The Enertia is a plug-in bike that does 0-60 MPH in under 4 seconds and can go for up to 50 miles on one charge. the bike has six 12 Volt lithium-phosphate batteries. It weighs less than 150kg, and most of the weight is near the road because the fuel tank isn’t needed. The price is from USD11,995 to USD14,995 depending on when you want to get.

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Audi Shark Concept

March 3, 2009

The Audi Shark is a futuristic flying concept vehicle with a streamlined design inspired by motorcycles and airplanes. It was designed by Kazim Doku and won the Desire Competition by Domus Academy.

The two-seater flying sportscar is inspired by the world of motorclycles and airplanes and offers its passengers “strong sensations and high levels of safety.”

The streamlined design of the exterior offers a visual reference to the car’s name and – in combination with the rear lower spoiler – gives the vehicle an “underwater” appearance.

Both the headlights and the tail lights are made by transparent tubes which integrate LED units. The interior features sporty seats integrated in the cockpit structure.

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Victory CORE

January 21, 2009

The design team felt the name CORE perfectly reflects the essence of this concept motorcycle. It is the raw ‘core’ or center of a motorcycle… the motorcycle is effectively turned inside-out with its architecture completely exposed. It also accentuates the innovative frame design and the process that is used to make the cast aluminum frame: the molten aluminum is poured into a sand core, which is removed when the casting process is complete.

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Production limited to 45, Confederate Motor’s Fighter packs 190 mph of performance into its cutting edge carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum chassis. There’s the 64″ wheelbase, 27″H seat, integrated braking system, lots of high-tech bells and whistles. The Fighter is available exclusively through Neiman Marcus as part of The Christmas Book for USD110,000 each…

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Uno Unicycle

April 30, 2008

Built by Ben J. Poss Gulak, it’s an electric vehicle that uses a similar sort of microgyro-motor system as the Segway, but with two gyros: one for forward and back, and one for turning. Its got just a power switch and everything else is done by leaning.
So why do we still need motorcycles?

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