+Shifter Faucet

January 14, 2009

+Shifter faucet designed for car enthusiasts. It can be used to change people’s behavior. so as to achieve the purpose of water conservation.

Extract from Yanko Design

Indy-Cator Shiftknobs

April 29, 2007


This universal shiftknob with LCD display is not only good for looks: it also increases driving safety and helps reduce fuel consumption by up to 15 percent by means of an adapted driving style. It fits all cars with manual transmissions up to 6 speed and is designed to work with every gearshift pattern. A light sensor adapts the brightness of the digital display to the surrounding light by means of an automatic dimming function, ensuring optimal readability at all times.
Hmmm… I thought you are not suppose to look at the gear shift knob while driving…

Extract from tmtuning