This is ReCharge, a C30-based concept car by Volvo unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show. This sleek thing will be able to take you about a 100 kilometers on electricity before it falls back on its 1.6-liter Flexifuel engine. According to Volvo, this car generate about 66% lower emissions of carbon dioxide compared with the best hybrid cars available on the market today. Style and environmental friendliness in one package.
Now, please build some more electric fuel kiosk so this can be reality!

Extract from Freshpilot


Top 10 Car Keys

May 9, 2007

1) Bentley

2) Merc Benz

3) Jaguar

4) Land Rover Range Rover Sport LR3

5) Audi

6) BMW

7) Lexus

8 ) Volvo

9) Infiniti

10) Cadillac

I just received these on the email… Great product designs. Thanks Cheryl.