Key Buoy

August 16, 2007


Dubbed the ultimate key fob for boaters, this smart little gizmo is ideal for anyone who works or plays on water as it automatically inflates when it hits the wet stuff.

The second the Key Buoy is surrounded by H2O it opens up, releasing an air tube  that inflates automatically. Within 30 seconds the keys will rise to the surface with the 18½” air tube jutting out of the water, allowing you to spot, reach out and retrieve your keys. And there’s no rush because the Key Buoy maintains buoyancy for 40 minutes.

Extract from Firebox

Random Pic of the week

October 3, 2006

‘They’ claim Airbags save lives. Have you ever been in an accident with the airbag striking your face or seen one of your friends who had. It hurts bad. It cuts the eye, breaks the nose, fractures the ribs.

Ever thought about ergonomical airbags? Save lives and makes one happy while at it.