Hitachi SimpleTOUGH™

July 23, 2009

Hitachi’s water-resistant and shock-proof SimpleTOUGH™ portable USB drive (250/320/500GB for USD99.99/ USD119.99/ USD149.99), can survive a 3-meter fall and able to withstand the pressure of a one-ton class commercial truck. It also boasts a twistable USB cable that’s permanently affixed to the enclosure.

Extract from Engadget

Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP

March 14, 2009

Fujifilm’s World’s Smallest (92 x 59.6 x 20.6 mm), 3m Waterproof  digital camera at 10 megapixels. It has new SR AUTO (Scene Recognition Auto) & Face Detection, High Sensitivity ISO1600, 60 seconds movie recording & Image Editing, versatile functions (Micro thumbnail and various slideshows). Specifications are not out of this world, but beautiful design, with 5 colours to choose from.

Extract from Fujifilm

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT1

January 31, 2009

When we talk about tough cameras, the first brand that usually comes to mind would be Olympus. However, Panasonic has recently join the fray with its first rugged shooter, the Lumix DMC-FT1. 12.1 megapixels camera with 96.3 x 63.1 x 23 mm dimension.

It is waterproof up to 3m, shockproof from drops of 1.5m and has airtight seals to prevent dust and sand from slipping into the innards.
4.6x optical zoom wide-angle lenses with range from 28mm  to 128mm. It can record HD-quality video clips using AVCHD compression.
Not freezeproof and crushproof like the Olympus Mju TOUGH, but still nice.

Extract from CNETAsia

Outdoor or indoor, this Disk Armchair is great for relaxation… the type where once you sit down, you can’t get up… Simple and ribbed on the underside for structural integrity.

Extract from Karim Rashid

Solar Lily Pads

May 15, 2008

In a stunning example of biomimicry, Scottish architecture firm ZM Architecture have come up with a brilliant scheme to provide more solar power to the city of Glasgow, Solar Lily Pads!
The firm said the design of the lilypads was “inspired by nature” and they could be tethered to the river bed. Integrated motors would then rotate the discs to follow the sun for maximum output.

Extract from BBC


April 18, 2008

UFO cap is a rain coat cum shower cap made by the Koreans… it looks stupid, but I guess it works… fails only when there’s wind and when you are passed by a car going through a puddle…

Extract from ufocap

The lighted balls and hemispheres are individually molded of highest quality polyethylene, there are extremely robust. UV stability, long service life and water-tightness satisfy the highest expections. Higly energy efficient too.
So simple a product, so beautiful marketing…

Extract from Moonlight

Liquid Image is a digital camera for stills and vids built into a diving mask for all your handsfree underwater imaging needs. 5 Mega Pixel camera with VGA video mode and built-in 16MB flash memory and slot for Micro SD Card.

Extract from Liquid Image

JVC Waterproof MP3 Player

December 9, 2007


JVC Japan’s XA-AW33 is the world’s first water proof MP3 player designed specifically for bathing using. Featuring a floating design that’s completely water proof. Using just 4 AAA batteries and get up to 15 hours of playback time with 256MB of your favorite songs.

Extract from Victor.JVC

Medusa Underwater Lamp

October 3, 2007


Solar autonomous floating lamp for swimming pools. Nice idea… It will be even nicer to be able to see the prototype…

Extract from Goldesign