Philips Intimate Massagers

October 8, 2008

Explore new ways to seduce and stimulate each other with these intimate massagers for him and her. These massagers ( I think there are 3 types to choose from) are designed to enhance your most intimate moments of pleasure together.

Made of a soft, sensual material, the intimate massagers feel comfortable and sexy against your skin. Incorporate these massagers into foreplay, using their natural fit in the hand to experiment together for excitement and stimulation, maintaining touch between partners.

Comes with a charging case for discreet charging and storage.
click on link to read more of their functions.

Extract from Philips

Barry the Beaver

February 14, 2008

Barry the Beaver, a ‘vibrating vinyl friend’ at 5.25 inches, starts buzzing with a turn of the tree stump base. Adult toys never looked so innocent… Keep out of reach of children…

Extract from Vinyl Pulse

Happy Valentine’s Day. This posh intimacy kit, by Kiki de Montparnasse, celebrates intimacy and inspires the romantic imagination. Box kit includes handcuff-pattern silk restraints, a massage candle, personal lubricant (1 oz.), Kiki Select Kimono condoms, before-and-after mints and a Kiki Motif Instrument of Pleasure, an ergonomic, multi-speed and very quiet vibrator adorned with the Kiki motif.

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I-MU Vibro

July 22, 2007

The I-MU Vibro is another little speaker that uses vibration technology to turn any flat surface into a high quality audio speaker. Stick it on your desk, fridge, floor, cupboard, car bonnet, whatever, and prepare to be amazed. But if you want sometime less sausage like, maybe you can try the Vibra Sounder instead…

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Vibra Sounder

November 7, 2006


Making sound using vibration is not new but now it has a simpler and appealing shape. Just place this cube on any solid surface of glass, wood, stone or even wall to vibrate according to music played. As a result, your table, window or even wall becomes a loudspeaker. The Mini-type VIBRO Sounder is specifically designed to used with your PDA, mobile audio equipment CD, MP3/4- or DVD-Player and for Notebook and Laptop business presentations.

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