Samsung Omnia SGH-i900

June 11, 2008

Available on June 17 at SGD1098, the new Samsung SGH-i900 is a Windows Mobile 6.1 PDA-phone. The i900 come with HSDPA, 16GB internal storage expandable by another 16GB with SDHC slot, a 5-megapixel auto focus camera and looks like the iPhone.
It has a 624MHz Marvell processor, 128MB of RAM and haptic feedback. Haptic feedback in a mobile phone is designed to make the feeling of pressing an onscreen virtual button more realistic, making it almost like typing on a real keypad. It also have an optical sensor for a directional pad. This can be used in two modes–as a regular four-way directional pad or as an onscreen mouse pointer.
An orientation sensor is built into the i900. When rotated, it does this fancy transition whereby the display shrinks and expands back to fill the screen in a different orientation, just like the iPod Touch. The screen is 3.2″ TFT (240×400) WQVGA with full touch Touchwiz UI technology. Phone dimension is smaller than the iPhone at 112x56x12.5mm.

Extract from Samsung Omnia


HTC Diamond

May 11, 2008

The HTC Diamond. it’s powered by a 3D graphics processor and Qualcomm MSM7201A clocked at 528MHz. it has 192MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. It’s compact with dimensions of 102 x 51 x 11.3mm and comes with a VGA display. It comes with a full suite of connectivity features including Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. It is HSDPA and capable of HSUPA. It has a decent camera with 3.2 megapixels. It’s not iPhone…

Extract from CNET Asia, YouTube


November 11, 2007

hiREC, designed by Andrea Vecera won the Silver Award at Samsung Young Design Awards . It’s essentially a device that reads out sell-by-dates, nutritional information, food intolerances, and recipes. By placing any food on the device, correlating information displays on the touchscreen interface. The system can work for medicine, specifically pharmacists who need to accurately measure meds out for each individual.

Extract from Yanko Design

Samsung Touchscreen Padlock

September 2, 2007

Samsung touchscreen padlock… simple, elegant, high-tech. nice… but the website only talks about itd technology and thickness… 

Extract from Aving

HTC Touch

June 14, 2007

As the name suggest, touching is an important feature of this device. Touch has large icons suited for tapping with the fingers, not a tiny stylus as well as other finger tapping functions and user factors. The PDA-phone measuring 99.9 x 58 x 13.9mm is very small. The Touch’s surface has a soft-touch finish throughout and a very minimalist design because of the lack of buttons. In fact, aside from the directional pad and phone keys on the front, there are only a few more on the sides for volume control and a camera shutter.
It is a triband phone with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built in and will cost SGD848 in Singapore shores.

Extract from CNET Asia

Samsung Ultra Smart F700

February 26, 2007

3G-capable F700 with 2.2-inch largish touchscreen, touchscreen, a slide-out QWERTY tray, HSDPA support, and a high-res 5-megapixel camera. All these packed into a 16.4mm thin device. Ahh… a worthy replacement to current smart phones with stunted growth.

Extract from CNET Asia

HP TouchSmart PC

January 25, 2007

This retro modern PC is not incredibly fast, does not look like a workhorse (AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-52 1.6GHz processor, 2GB RAM), but this USD2,499 machine with a 19 inch widescreen LCD is touchscreen capable and loaded with Window Vista. TouchSmart PC is an all-in-one family media hub for doing things like searching for cooking recipe, playing a game (comes with 256mb Nvidia GeForce Go 7600), flirt with a mistress and doing some online shopping…

Extract from CNET Asia