Luminex® Fabric

January 4, 2008

Luminex® is a new fabric that can emit its own light. It is created with threads of various types and natures that can illuminate in different colors. This is possible thanks to integration of luminous fibers into the fabric, giving it its own brilliance.

Luminex® fabrics are pliable. They can be custom-tailored for a variety of applications allowing for great design flexibility. Options can be customized varying shape, size, thickness, material finish, density of illumination, color, pattern, programmability.

Extract from Luminex

Maybe it can save some space. Print your name on a stretched rubber piece then release and it recovered to its original smaller size. The name card is designed for a personal trainer and it is difficult to read until it is stretched. Only those people desperate enough will stretch your namecard to read your number… A design mayhem or special? I wander if the trainer got any business after that.

Extract from Advertising/design goodness