Once assembled, place the monkey in sunlight and watch him convert solar power into energy to climb his rope, hand over hand! No batteries required.
For the bored kid in you… hours of inertia fun…

Extract from Select Solar

Photosynthesis Solar Tree

September 7, 2008

Harnessing solar energy from a Electronic Bonsai tree for the life of our electronics! You can recharge your cellphone and camera with this solar-cell “tree charger.” 

The tree is composed of modules which can create infinite shape. I assume the bigger your tree, the more power you will get? Assuming this theory, Then I can power my whole house if I can build a big enough tree… wooot!

Extract from vivien MULLER

Smoon Ombrella

August 21, 2008

Smoon Ombrella is a device that acts as a light source and looking like a membrane on a stick. The product of furniture designers Beau & Bien, This moony umbrella LED lamp is intended to shield you from sunlight akin to an umbrella. And boosts the serenity of dark with soft light by night.  It runs off solar energy and can go a whopping 6 days on just 10 hours of charge.
This Plexiglas beast will off set your bank account by €1424.

Extract from coliseum shop

Solar Powered Plant Pot

June 27, 2008

Buy plants to brighten up your concrete home, buy mood lamps to brighten up your home, buy both to bring a smile to your face and you can even admire them at night. Put them under the sun, and you feed both with life at the same time.

Extract from Firebox

Solar Lily Pads

May 15, 2008

In a stunning example of biomimicry, Scottish architecture firm ZM Architecture have come up with a brilliant scheme to provide more solar power to the city of Glasgow, Solar Lily Pads!
The firm said the design of the lilypads was “inspired by nature” and they could be tethered to the river bed. Integrated motors would then rotate the discs to follow the sun for maximum output.

Extract from BBC

“This solar public lighting pole is totally autonomous and can be placed in any isolated area where electricity is not available. Built with power LEDs which offer lighting performance and energy saving it also can be programmed. It also includes a motion detector, so when a pedestrian comes close the light intensity of the pole raises to full power, and decreases to a third to save energy when there is nobody around. It comes in two versions…”

Extract from treehugger

Solar Lighter

February 5, 2008

This stainless steel parabolic mirror, designed to focus the suns radiant energy to a precise focal point is great for fire starting and is perfect for backpacking, boating, hiking and as a great survival tool. Shown in picture above with a cone of incense, just point at the sun and it lights! Measures about 4.5″ diameter.
Now the only other thing you need is sun when you need it…

Extract from Gyroscope.com