The Space Invaders LED Doormat is motion-sensitive, so whenever someone comes near, a glowing green invader moves back and forth across its stylish flat panel display, and the invaders only feed on four AAA batteries. Crafted in industrial grade rubberised plastic too.

Extract from FireBox

“This solar public lighting pole is totally autonomous and can be placed in any isolated area where electricity is not available. Built with power LEDs which offer lighting performance and energy saving it also can be programmed. It also includes a motion detector, so when a pedestrian comes close the light intensity of the pole raises to full power, and decreases to a third to save energy when there is nobody around. It comes in two versions…”

Extract from treehugger

Regent Street Nokia Lights

November 22, 2007

It’s not just about them looking pretty, the lights are interactive, designed to react to the movement of people walking beneath them via motion cameras, and changing formation depending upon the amount of pedestrians in the street. In addition, they will respond to environmental factors such as wind speed, weather and sunlight levels. And if this weren’t enough, Nokia and Wieden + Kennedy have also considered the environmental impact of the displays, using low energy LED cores and making them 100% recyclable.

Extract from Creative Review

Miscea Touchless Faucet

October 18, 2007

Its motion control interface lets you control the flow by pointing at what you want, and you can even control the temperature of the water with a nonchalant wave of your hand. In the middle of its selector dial, it shows you the water temperature in a digital readout.
Move your hand over one of the indicated sections of the glass interface. If you choose soap, this section will light up then move your hand under the faucet and a dose of soap is dispensed. After choosing a product the faucet will always default back to water. In case you just want to fill a cup, you can hold it under the faucet and water will flow until the cup is removed.
Good product for a person with 2 hands free. Ever try washing your one hand in a toilet while having the other hands holding your shopping bags?

Extract from miscea

Discovery Rainbow In My Room

September 25, 2007


Put a magical rainbow on your wall or ceiling, day or night – and transform your room into a wonderland. This toy uses LED lights to recreate the natural colors of a real rainbow
and projects an arc of color on a wall or ceiling.
Motion-activated sensor lets you turn the rainbow on and off with the wave of a hand.

Extract from Discovery Channel Store


Finalist for BraunPrize 2007, Triops is a robust digital camera which allows the user to experience new perspectives and perceptions and takes the potential of digital photography to a new level. The camera is equipped with three protected fisheye lenses and allows for an active, spontaneous and playful photography experience.

This product can take images while being thrown, suspended or just being placed in an unusual location. It captures the moment by responding to sound or movement, or by reacting to the manually operated release. Sequentially taken photographs are possible as well as 360 degree panorama images. All working parts are integrated in the robust casing and can be operated easily and intuitively. Pictures can be wirelessly transmitted to a separate display unit for display. This unit functions as a processing and storage device and the camera‘s charging station.

Extract from Yanko Design

Random pic of the week

June 25, 2007

This hilarious motion and sound-sensitive Digger Dog looks just like a beagle digging his way to China. Walk past him and he barks, his tail wags, his back leg goes up and down–and he passes gas!

Extract from The Lighter Side

Boynq Saturn Speakers

May 17, 2007


The Boynq Saturn is a USB powered travel & laptop speaker. A 5W RMS full range driver measuring 3” puts out distortion free sound and magnetically shielded so interference from your cell phone won’t bother your tunes of movie watching. The Saturn turns on and off via a Wii like motion sensing switch allowing you to place the Saturn on its back to turn it off and set it upright to turn it on.

Extract from Boynq

Spyke Spy Robot

February 25, 2007

Spyke works as a wireless VOIP phone, moves, detects movement and activates an alarm on your computer or sends you a picture by email, speaks and plays your own music over Wi-Fi… and a weapon for peeping tom?

Extract from gizoo

Mathmos Airswitch O

December 6, 2006


Mathmos Airswitch O is a wall mounted light that can be turned on and off by slowly moving your hand horizontally through the air below the shade. Dim and brighten Airswitch O by slowly moving your hand vertically towards and away from the shade. Hmm… cleans lamp while using…

Extract from Mathmos