Dippy Egg Set

July 23, 2007

Now you can microwave eggs without the explosion, and cut even sized bread sticks to dip them in your half boiled eggs…


see, it takes so long for somebody to invent an apparatus for people who like to microwaves all their food but couldn’t do it with things that always explodes and creates a mess… hmm… what else explodes in microwaves?

Extract from firebox

Random pic of the week

March 12, 2007

I thought the idea of staring at your chicken while it cooks could be stress relieving… maybe even lets you attain nirvana… but a microwave with a TV? What if your chicken cooks before your soap opera finishes… oh… this WaveTV plays DVDs too…

Extract from Holland Electro

UV Cleaner

December 19, 2006

Clothes cleaner of the future.. it is 2020… water becomes expensive commodity, clean your clothes using UV rays.. at the same time kills some mosquitoes, get a tan or even skin cancer or become blind… I am joking… but its a possibility…

Extract from Yanko Design

Microwave Vase

December 17, 2006

Microwave Vase is the microwave oven that could help busy people heat quickly and easily on the table. When it is not used, it is also can be a beauty factor of the interior like a flower vase. By putting the food into the cap and adjusting the timer, users can heat the food simply and easily. As the adjusted time is up, a leaf on top of the microwave oven indicates that heating is done by lighting up.

I wander what happens when you lift up the cap while microwaving halfway… will you be cooked?

Extracted from Yanko Design

microwave egg cooker

November 17, 2006

Someone actually invented an egg-shaped, microwave egg cooker! (because eggs  explode under pressure). The device fits 3 mid-sized eggs, which are placed on an aluminum tray. Put 130cc of water in the yellow part, insert the tray, place the eggs on it, close the lid (the white part), and pop it in the microwave. 8 minutes in a 500W microwave gets you soft-boiled, 10 minutes gets you hard-boiled.

Why can’t he use hot water like everyone else…

Extract from Tokyomango