April 16, 2009

Cloud is a sofa concept with soft floating upper part which is supported by the magnetic force generated by the bottom base.

Extract from KOOTOUCH

Key Pete

February 21, 2009

Key Pete is superstrong. Attach magnetic Pete to any metalic surface and he will hold your keys for you.

Extract from MB

Kissing Octopus Flash Drive

December 30, 2008

Winner of an iF Design Award, this 8-legged drive comes in light pink and sky blue hues, and 2 / 4 / 8GB varieties. The two-piece contraption consists of the octopus body as well as the USB / nose part, which has a magnetic end which can be used to make a pair of octopuses a couple or be used to stick love notes to metal surfaces. The 4GB version can be yours for around USD65 but i wonder if the magnet will scramble any data…

Extract from ADATA


July 9, 2008

A metal sheet mounted on the wall and boxes with a magnetic back stick on it in any position you could imagine.

Extract from Moormann

Magnetic Dumbbells

June 7, 2008

Can you visualise a dumbbell? You can? Then you are stereotyping.
Magnetic dumbbells for those who require style in every aspect of their life. Highly-polished, magnetic, intertwining dumbbells – each weighing one kilo – are quite simply beautiful sculptures. pick them up and they immediately become a fitness aid and a natural element in your training program.

Extract from unica

A cross between a fridge magnet and a digital photo frame… Digital picture frames are getting popular over the months, and a fridge magnet has been around since before I was born… Sooner or later, this should have been expected.
You can have cycling 66 pictures of all the family members with this 2.4-inch LCD screen, 32MB memory, 11 hours of pics from the USB-rechargeable battery and a built-in clock display. £29.99

Extract from Thumbs Up (UK)

Magnetic Curtain

February 8, 2008

The Magnetic Curtain is a curtain which you can shape to any form, magnets embedded in the curtain fabric allow the user to shape the curtain innumerable ways, both open and closed.

Extract from Florian Krautli

Magnetic Hovering Lounger

January 24, 2008

British company Hoverit introduces “The Lounger”, a handmade acrylic lounger that can hover in mid air. The gravity defying aspects of the chair derive from repelling magnetic forces in both the bed and base. Hoverit also suggests that the magnetic forces can “help back, muscular problems and headaches” in addition to delivering a relaxing sensation akin to floating on air.
Looks so uncomfortable…

Extract from Hoverit

Pear Light

December 23, 2007

Custom made from hand-forged steel, this tree of light has fruits with rechargeable LEDs that allows you to take the lights with you. Each pear light has 10 ultra bright LEDs and rechargeable batteries that stay connected to its power source through magnets.

Extract from Coroflot

900 Abacus Watch

August 28, 2007


The Abacus series of watches has no hands at all. Instead, there’s just a single steel sphere that rolls around inside the watch as you move your wrist around. But as soon as you level out to a horizontal position, a magnet behind the dial stops the ball at the current time. Since there’s no second hand, you won’t be able to tell exactly what time it is…
Each Abacus watch features a stainless steel case, with a leather strap and either mineral or sapphire glass face. They’re also water resistant to 30 meters.

Extract from Questo Design