Halo LED Spray Can

August 11, 2009

Halo is a handy light specially dedicated to light-writting. Graffiti artists can conserve their own gesture they have with a spray can. It is possible to change the color and the brightness of the led to change the graffiti’s styles. it even recharges itself when shaken.

Extract from aissalogerot.com


Great campaign “Slower is Better” to make drivers slow down. But does it work?

Psychologically, when a driver sees his speed limit, he/she will slow down, or so said a research in Singapore which showed that speed of road with speed indicators has reduced by at least 5%.

Extract from fubiz


July 30, 2009

Just twist the cap above the petal opens and closes the bud, depending on how much surface you want the light to shine. 32 warm and cold LEDs spread across the four adjustable petals.

Extract from Yanko Design


May 1, 2009

SmartFaucet is a tap with built-in face recognition technology that automatically adjusts the water pressure and temperature to your preferred settings. The touchscreen display even features widgets for at-a-glance access to eMail, appointments, and the outside temperature while LEDs illuminate the flow with temperature matching colors.

Extract from iHouse

White Fruit Radio

December 14, 2008

“White Fruit is made of sycamore for its acoustic properties and an LED substrate is hidden beneath the thin surface. The ridges on the top of the radio control volume and station tuning. Simply rub your finger across and watch the LED substrate to see channels change dynamically. The experience is tactile and the fact that the radio is made from high quality wood usually reserved for orchestral string instruments means you get superb sound.”

Extract from Yanko Design

Wind Lights

November 18, 2008

These Wind Lights measure in at just under 8″ tall, but they work just like their bigger windmill cousins, generating electricity through the power of air. Each tiny light uses a 2.4″ propeller to power a pair of bright red or blue LEDs.
The below is a massive installation featuring 1200 of these Wind Lights which illuminate as the winds blow in over the River Thames. Individual Wind Lights will soon be available for purchase from Mathmos for £12.
How about using it for highrise buildings in Singapore?

Extract from Mathmos

LED Watch

November 15, 2008

LED watch from Hiranao Tsuboi of 100% at Design Tide. Nice everyday watch to have on the wrist.

Extract from designboom