Pandora Alarm Clock

April 5, 2008

Pandora is an unusual alarm clock designed for people who don’t manage to get up immediately and constantly hit the snooze button so that in the end there is no time left, neither to shower nor to have breakfast.
Once the alarm is switched off, an animation will be laser projected onto your ceiling. After falling asleep again you will be awaken by different sounds which make you open your eyes and look at the ceiling. Instead of showing you the time in numbers, the animation will tell you a story in a count down mode. In changing images you will see what you should be doing at different stages instead of sleeping and there will be catastrophic consequences if you don’t get out of bed.

Extract from MGProducts

I did not not mis-spell. The google english translation did.
The mouse is 1600dpi, the gamepad has eight buttons and a D-pad, and it sells for¥3,499. Its ugly, but it has potential…

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My first laser printer, the Samsung CLP 300… world’s smallest and lightest too.. well its not that light… I almost broke a few veins carrying it to my car.

It uses it new individual cartridge system and claims to print about 1000-2000 copies before it needs a change… well, we’ll see if it does what it claims. But its really easy to use, just slot in the cartridges like a torpedo, power on, and ready to print… no scary  buttons to learn as there is only a cancel button on the top and its quiet. For SGD 299…

Extract from Samsung


Simplify life on the road with the ultra-portable Logitech® VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks. It’s always ready for use, thanks to the world’s smallest USB receiver (They call it the Plug-and-forget Nano-receiver). Plug it into your notebook’s USB port just once, then forget about it. The ultra-slim VX Nano houses a wealth of other advanced features, including a hyper-fast scroll wheel, laser tracking and 2.4 GHz cordless technology.

Extract from Logitech

Logitech G9 Laser Mouse

August 5, 2007


The G9 mouse is the most customizable mouse Logitech has ever built. With an unprecedented number of adjustable features, gamers can tune their mouse settings for better performance, fit, feel and looks. Key Features after the jump.

Extract from Logitech

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Its supppose to prevents carpal tunnel syndrome, you are suppose to be comfortable with the ergonomic design, and with high-precision laser tracking engine, you should have better control over your work. It even state that the way I hold my current mouse is wrong (can i sue microsoft for designing and selling a mouse to me that they claim is bad for my hand?).

Questions: “How many designs and research does it take to make a good mouse?” and “Will this be the perfect one?” Looks cute though.

I am using a wireless intellimouse explorer 2 that looks like this but at half the height and I am feeling the strain on my wrist… and I feel mousy today…

Extract from everythingUSB

Elecom 3D Laser Mouse

October 5, 2006

Elecom new 3D laser mouse allows PC users to move along and rotate about x, y, and z-axis, action that requires users to work with multiple keys on the keyboard or an on-screen navigation bar when using a traditional mouse. The M-3D1UR series mouse allows PC users to move freely on CAD software, game software and 3D applications, such as Google Earth using the regular scrollwheel along with three separate joystick-like knobs positioned left, top, and right of the wheel.

Great hardware… but will it further increase the injury from carpal tunnel syndrome? Nice clean mouse though…

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