Random pic of the week

September 21, 2009

Objects of Co-Dependancy”… the balloon has two mouthpieces. It takes two… to make it out of sight.

Extract from World Famous Design Junkies

“Self-Sustainable Chair, a dress made out of polyethylene, connected to shoes that pump air into an inflatable bubble attached to its rear part on each step. The dress slowly transforms into a chair with each step and holds the person to sit on it naturally. With his or her body weight the chair is slowly deflated and forms back to the original flat dress…”

Extract from Joo Youn Paek

Ramdon pic of the week

March 23, 2009

Created by designer Joonsoo Kim, the Cloud Umbrella is carried around in stick form (a pump), and then inflated into mini-cumulus clouds of protection when the rain starts to pour.

Extract from Joons

Renaissance Pavilion

February 26, 2009

Renaissance Pavilion features an inflatable structural skin that is precision-cut by computer-controlled machines. It fully inflates in a little more than an hour, and the entire skin is 100% recyclable through a process called Texyloop.

Wind turbines will help generate the power needed to maintain the inflatable structure and any lighting systems deployed during the evening. The hope is that the pavilion will be completely self-sustaining and will provide a versatile performance space even in off-the-grid locations.

Extract from Various Architects

Random pic of the week

August 25, 2008

An inflatable dog turd the size of a house has blown away from a modern art exhibition in a Swiss museum before bringing down an electricity line and smashing a greenhouse window.
“Complex Shit”, a sculpture by the American artist Paul McCarthy, cast loose its moorings and was lifted by a sudden gust of wind from the Paul Klee centre in Berne and carried 200 yards to eventually make landfall in the grounds of a children’s home.
Oh Shit?!…

Extract from Telegraph

Random pic of the week

November 26, 2007

This bikini life jacket concept can help save lives, it is much more attractive to wear than traditional life jackets and your likelihood of being saved by a male lifeguard in the area probably increases when you are wearing it. 

Key Buoy

August 16, 2007


Dubbed the ultimate key fob for boaters, this smart little gizmo is ideal for anyone who works or plays on water as it automatically inflates when it hits the wet stuff.

The second the Key Buoy is surrounded by H2O it opens up, releasing an air tube  that inflates automatically. Within 30 seconds the keys will rise to the surface with the 18½” air tube jutting out of the water, allowing you to spot, reach out and retrieve your keys. And there’s no rush because the Key Buoy maintains buoyancy for 40 minutes.

Extract from Firebox


October 2, 2006

Have you ever want to take the umbrella from someone who poked you because they don’t bother to be careful and whack him/her on the head with it? If you’ve ever been there, you’ll know the dangers – a crowded city footpath on a wet day during rush hour. Dodging hundreds of probing, rapier-like and potentially eyeball-piercing umbrella tips is not fun.

The Bumpbrella is an inflatable umbrella that utilizes a bicycle pump mechanism in the handle. By pumping, it inflates into an umbrella that one can see through, thereby protecting you against the elements and from getting poked by another umbrella.

Extract from RKS Design