Magic Teaspoon

January 2, 2008

As soon as this spoon is dipped into hot liquid, the spoon bends through 90 degrees.
The liquid does not need to be boiling, it will also bend if placed under the hot tap.

Part of the handle is made of Nitinol or Shape Memory Metal, which remembers a shape that has been previously set into it. Just cool it under the cold tap to straighten it again. The spoon can be used many times, as Nitinol is a very flexible metal.

Extract from Grand Illusions


October 30, 2007

The external surface of the cup is printed with a second layer of heat sensitive ink that is revealed when hot water is poured into the cup.

Extract from adsoftheworld

Shower Wizard Lizard™

July 24, 2007


This large Shower Wizard Lizard™ is one foot long and can hold shampoo, conditioner or shower gel. Fill the lizard with your favourite liquid for bathtime and squeeze it’s body to squirt out of the lizard’s mouth.
When the Wizard Lizard is sprayed with hot water it changes colour.
Each foot is fitted with a suction cup so you can easily place the lizard anywhere in your bathroom. A special cap in it’s mouth is designed to prevent any dribbles even when facing down.

Extract from otherland

Water is Blue Cups

July 20, 2007


Straightforward, fun design! Fill it up with cold water and watch it turn bright blue.

Extract from Generate

The Smart Lid system was developed to save your lips and tongue from being burned by hot coffee (and retailers from lawsuits) by turning red when it’s “too hot” to drink. It also tells you whether the lid is properly sealed by showing a broken rim line where the lid isn’t attached.

Extract from Smart Lid Systems

Color Changing LED Faucet

December 21, 2006

The faucet with built-in LEDs change colors based on the water temperature. There is also “precise control” for baths, sinks, and showers. So Blue for cold and red for hot so you will not get surprises. Click on the link to watch the demonstration of a prototype. 

Extract from TechEBlog

MOVING COLOR™glass tiles

September 27, 2006

These MOVING COLOR™glass tiles that appear black at room temperature and move through the color spectrum when temperature (warm water, radiant heat, etc) is applied. The moving color is dynamic to the temperature of the heating agent. Tile continually changes as the heat exposure changes. These photos that document possible iterations. They are backed with a limited one year warranty too.

What you can do is limited by your creativity… nice… maybe they can make a urinal version…

Extract from Moving Color