Levitating Light Bulb

September 4, 2007


Light bulb is a levitating yet powered lightbulb. It will float stably in midair and remain on for years without any physical contact, charging, or batteries. Ironically, with the levitation and wireless power circuitry both on, this entire package still consumes less than half the power of an incandescent bulb.

The bulb and the casing contain hidden circuitry that uses electromagnetic feedback to levitate the bulb roughly 2.5″ from the nearest object, and uses coupled resonant wireless power transfer to beam power from the housing into the bulb itself.

Extract from be.ast

Electro-Magnetic Globe

July 22, 2007

The unimposing world globe has been updated with present day technology… This shiny black-and-chrome globe will hover above its black stand without any visible help – unless you want to spin it, in which case a gentle hand will help it on its way. Measuring 4 inches across, its base plugs into the mains…

Extract from funice

CrazyPC Hover Mouse

November 21, 2006


The world’s first 100% friction-less mouse. It hovers approximately one centimeter above the mousepad with the help of “electromagnetic hovering technology”. Since  friction-less wear is eliminated, in-game accuracy increases… in fact, at 6000 DPI… Its not cheap at USD74.99 but it looks cheap.

Cancer of the hand increases too…no?

Extract from CrazyPC