Random pic of the week

April 9, 2007


Portable, auto-butt-cleaning toilet bowl from Toto. It has a folding top for comfortable sitting and controls on the side for a bidet, butt spray strong or soft, and most importantly, the OFF button. It’s made of wood so that your ammonia waste and sweat can stain it and all the waste falls neatly into the tray below, so that you can pull it out, throw shit out, and use again.

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Trek Lime

April 2, 2007


Automatic 3 speed shifting, stash stuff in your seat, skin the colors any which way you want and comes in male and female models, normal and light. Trek’s new urban bike, Trek Lime is for happy young cruiser lacking stress in life… why do I say that? Well the picture and music on their website makes me feel so…

Extract from Trek Lime

Switzerland’s luxury brand, Ventura, manufacturer for the world’s first automatic digital watch, has announced plans for their second generation – The V-Tech Sigma ∑ MGS which will generate its own independent, constantly renewable power-source. It uses a micro-generator powered by the movements of the user’s wrist. The case uses a hardened material called Titanox. The generator is located on the top of the case and will be visible through a sapphire crystal glass for posterity purposes.

And I did not even know there was an automatic digital watch in the first place… Below are the first generations by Ventura, The SPARC px/fx series

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