Random pic of the week

June 15, 2009

Barbie Foosball! Barbiefoot combines the iconic doll with table football, on one side it uses barbie’s pink, frilly world and on the other its uses the predominantly male world of table soccer.

It was created in partnership with mattel brands consumer products and babyfoot bonzini to stimulate thoughts about different mentalities and the pre- digested everyday ideas we commonly face.

Extract from designboom

The lighted balls and hemispheres are individually molded of highest quality polyethylene, there are extremely robust. UV stability, long service life and water-tightness satisfy the highest expections. Higly energy efficient too.
So simple a product, so beautiful marketing…

Extract from Moonlight


Shock Ball is the scariest ball game in town – catch the ball and risk a shock – or drop it and lose! ShockBall is “hot potato for the 21st century”. Throw the rubberized ball around with your friends. Watch out for the ball glowing red at random intervals. When it’s glowing it’s live – and touch it when it’s live and get shocked! £16.99 for pain…
How sadistic can a ball game get? I remember a game here called humtam bola… The aim is throw the ball as hard as you can at your friends and they don’t get angry because thats the rule and its a game…

Extract from gadgets.co.uk