Great campaign “Slower is Better” to make drivers slow down. But does it work?

Psychologically, when a driver sees his speed limit, he/she will slow down, or so said a research in Singapore which showed that speed of road with speed indicators has reduced by at least 5%.

Extract from fubiz

Swearing Fonts

November 22, 2008

Wonderful fonts… with some work, you can even duplicate it on your keyboard. This is a MPA Roses Student Awards 2006 submission in response to the simple brief, ‘promote swearing.’

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Don’t Drink and Drive

October 1, 2008

Happy Children’s Day and Selamat Hari Raya Puasa!

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No Smoking Ashtray

August 2, 2007

No Smoking Ashtray ignites thinking by presenting the user with the opportunity to ban smoking by lighting up. This contradiction in logic makes for an engaging product that leaves a burning impression.

Extract from TODA

Wow… the evolution of the bumper sticker… behold, the scrolling LED license plate in Aluminum, 120 Character Memory Per Message, 5 Different messages, IR remote. Now you can curse the driver behind you for honking or showing you the high beam! Sure win!

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