Lollipop Pies

August 5, 2009

I can imagine this sell like hotcakes… really good and unique idea.

Extract from Luxirare

Random pic of the week

July 27, 2009

vodka in the form of AK-47, often known as Kalashnikov. Kalashnikov was created in 1945 and fabricated in 1947 by the Soviet Mikhaïl Kalachnikov, was used in the countries of Soviet Union during World War II.
Red Army Vodka, in the form of Kalashnikov comes in a wooden case,  six glasses to shoot and a grenade-20cl-of vodka.

” Small sister ” of Red Army Vodka, Pepesza takes the form of PPSH-41 (Pistolet-Pulemet Shpagina, nicknamed Peh-peh-shah), a gun Soviet gunner was used during World War II.

Extract from Vodka and Co.

Nike T-shirt Gun

July 9, 2009

Nike Sportswear is selling the T-shirt gun. Each limited edition T-shirt gun is numbered and engraved with the signature of a Nike athlete.
I am unsure whether it shoots like what it did in the video or is it just a packaging. If it really fires a T-shirt wrapped like a ball, it will be really cool. Each piece sets you back by USD1500. 

Extract from Nike

This popcorn package does not only looks good while you pop your popcorns in the microwave but the packaging itselfs pops-up into a nice bowl when your popcorn is ready to be served.

Extract from playmedesign

Novelist Koji Suzuki, author of ‘The Ring’ has chosen to print his novel called “Drop” on toilet paper. The thing is seriously being marketed as “Japan’s creepiest toilet paper”

The whole story is printed on toilet paper, takes place in a public restroom, and can be read in a few minutes.
Toilets in Japan were traditionally tucked away in a dark corner of the house due to religious beliefs. Parents would tease children that a hairy hand might pull them down into the dark pool below.

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Sliced Bread Notebook

May 24, 2009

A 12 slices/notebook set which has been packaged for convenience. The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!

Extract from BehanceNetwork

1000 Acres Vodka Packaging by Arnell. Clean and simple yet strong ideas. 

Extract from COLT + RANE

Rouge G De Guerlain

April 17, 2009

Guerlain  new lipstick called Rouge G de Guerlain. Each has a hidden hinge, which is an element in Rogue G packaging. The new product’s  metal case that lies on its side also makes a gentle clicking sound when the tube is removed, causing the case to flip open and reveal two mirrors. A magnet holds the holder’s two parts together.

Extract from Rouge G

Random pic of the week

April 6, 2009

Giant toasted leafcutter ants.
Hormigas Culonas are harvested in the Colombian Amazon by the Guane Indians, during the short rainy season between March and June. They are then toasted in a mud pot over an open fire by the Indians.
The Guane Indians believe that these Ants have youth giving and Aphrodisiac properties and they are often served as fertility giving marriage food during nuptial ceremonies. Hormigas Culonas taste similar to crisply fried bacon with an earthy taste.

The mopane worm is the brightly coloured caterpillar of the Emperor Moth, which is one of the world’s largest moths, and the caterpillar lives on the leaves of the mopane tree. The worms are hand picked or shaken off the trees. The local collector’s squeeze the Caterpillars to remove their bright green ‘guts’ and then they are cooked in a cauldron of salty water until the water has evaporated, they are then dried in the Hot African Sun. Once dried, they can be stored for many months.
The biggest worms have the best flavour as they contain more fat ; the texture is similar to tofu or soya meat and they taste a little like dried fish, but they seem to soak up the flavour of whatever they are cooked with.
Now available ready packed…

Extract from Edible

5 Minute Candles

March 13, 2009

These 5 Minute Candles are designed to look like an ordinary book of matches, but contain ten small candles.

Extract from Poketo