Random pic of the week

June 29, 2009

Pencil Shoes… makes your feet and floor colourful while walking…

Extract from Lauren Milroy

Lyra Colorstripe

March 24, 2009

This sleek mini jumbo size triangular color pencil has a larger rectangular lead that is exposed along the full length of one of the three corners of the pencil. This pencil allow a fine point to be drawn or the use of a broader side face of the lead for shading greater areas. A thin clear lacquer coat safeguards the color lead exposed along the corner edge until the pencil is sharpened.
The new design design even comes with a matching sharpener.

Extract from Lyra Colorstripe

Random pic of the week

December 1, 2008

Concentrate design products specifically for school kids with aim to help children concentrate at school by identifying the reasons that they might be distracted, uncomfortable or unable to focus. One of their more tongue-in-cheek designs is the ‘pre-chewed’ pencil. ‘no need to spend time chewing your pencil – just get down to some concentrated thinking and who knows what you might come up with’.
I think it is not chewed enough…

Extract from Concentrate

Colour Pencils

November 16, 2008

Environmental art in Finland by Jonna Pohjalainen.
“I travelled to work in Pedvale with empty hands. I admired the lovely rural scene and the sunsets of Pedvale. I used local aspen in my work because of its lively forms and beautiful, grey colour. While you sharpen your pencils you can see time passing by. Colours bring joy and happiness in our everyday life. I chose a place of of my work because of the sunsets. You can sit and meditate near my work and look at the sunsets. Without sun there are no colours and life!”

Extract from EnvironmentalArt

Pencil Arts

December 15, 2007

This artist deprived children all over the world from having their favorite past time – doodling with colour pencils…

Plenty more “child abuse” after the jump…
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Moss Pencil

November 14, 2007

The ‘moss pencil’ is a wooden pencil covered with green flocking… nice gifts for christmas…

Extract from designboom

Random pic of the week

October 29, 2007

This halloween, beware of your stationery…

Extract from matthew james taylor

Cat’s Arse Sharpener

April 28, 2007

It’s a cat, you stick your pencil in its derrière, it meows, and it sharpens your pencil. Your feline friend stands in his own litter tray that catches your pencil shavings. No animals were harmed in the making of this product. Don’t try sharpening your pencil in a real cat if you value your life.

Extract from iwantoneofthose