Dosh Wallet

September 30, 2008

Dosh wallets are much more compact and also come in expanded variety of colorways. Each of the wallets feature a stainless steel money clip and storage for either 6 cards or three.
And they make so much sense being vertical.

Extract from Dosh

Credit Card Pig Bank

June 20, 2008

Your old friend updated for the age of the wireless internet.
Use it to save money (every time you slide the credit card trough the card reader a (predertermined) amount of money gets deposited in your account) – or to donate money (imagine a bunch of pigs in shopping malls, banks, post offices).
Just a natural step in the evolution of the piggy bank.

Extract from designeast


January 27, 2007

This concept device, called the iCache, is a mini storage for all your credit/cash cards. The package consists of the iCache and a “universal card.” once you buy the device, register all your cards to your online account. Then, insert the universal card into the device to complete the setup. Each time you want to use a particular card for purchase, choose the required card on the iCache’s screen and the iCache’s universal card is temporarily loaded with the data from the card you have chosen. You can then use the card for your shopping, and the data loaded on it disappears after 10 minutes. For security, the data is encrypted and the device itself can be activated only when you scan your fingerprint on the iCache’s biometric strip.

Wonderful isn’t it… now, make it slim enough to fit into my wallet.

Extract from iCache

Credit Card Alarm

November 25, 2006


The Credit Card Alarm is an intelligent card case, that beeps every twenty seconds when empty. For the absent-minded and the often haste and confusion involved when paying with a credit card in a restaurant, at the mall, or taxi. While you are concentrating on packing your shopping and signing the receipt, there is always a risk of forgetting your card.

Extract from Bim Bam Banana

Red Products to fight Aids

October 15, 2006


Red Products are designed to Help Eliminate AIDS in Africa. Buy or use a red product and a percentage of the money goes to the Global Fund which is channelled towards the Rwandan Ministry of Health’s comprehensive HIV/AIDS programs, mainly to provide anti-retroviral treatment for children and adults in a third of the country.

The products now include red iPod, red RAZR, red Amex, red Emporio Armani watch, red Converse shoes and red GAP Tee.

Extract from joinred