Some LEGO employees get have a business card like this and they even try to match the look of the minifig (gender, hair, glasses) to the person.
They are expensive to make so only a few executives and people in PR roles get them.

Extract from Chief Happiness Officer

Divorce Lawyer Business Card

November 21, 2007


This is useful business card… saves money too…

Extract from fubiz

Growing Business Card

May 31, 2007


A business card that a prospective client would want to keep on their table rather than in their pocket. A business card that worked like a miniature house-plant, growing alfalfa or cress when dipped in water – a business card for ‘another bloomin’ designer’.

Extract from Jamie Wieck

Maybe it can save some space. Print your name on a stretched rubber piece then release and it recovered to its original smaller size. The name card is designed for a personal trainer and it is difficult to read until it is stretched. Only those people desperate enough will stretch your namecard to read your number… A design mayhem or special? I wander if the trainer got any business after that.

Extract from Advertising/design goodness