Breffo Spiderpodium

October 15, 2010

Quite a while back, when I saw something similar to this in a shop holding a dummy handphone, in my mind it goes “yet another gimmick”. This show how uncreative I am in the imagination department or maybe I am just not inspired by the look.

When I saw this in Crave, I thought this thing is going to solve a lot of problems! The Spiderpodium consists of eight flexible, rubber-coated wire arms protruding from a rubber center. These arms can be bent and posed in pretty much any direction, orientation, or shape and will hold their position. Aside from your imagination, the Spiderpodium’s other limitation is the weight of the gadget being held, but again it depends on your imaginative mind to think how it is going to hold your stuffs.
Gonno get one or maybe 2!

Extract from breffo

Kakuzai Block Notes

August 6, 2009

Woodblock post it note pad. 1200 pieces to inform your forgetful self or to your cold war partner.

Extract from matomeno

Random pic of the week

June 29, 2009

Pencil Shoes… makes your feet and floor colourful while walking…

Extract from Lauren Milroy

Novelist Koji Suzuki, author of ‘The Ring’ has chosen to print his novel called “Drop” on toilet paper. The thing is seriously being marketed as “Japan’s creepiest toilet paper”

The whole story is printed on toilet paper, takes place in a public restroom, and can be read in a few minutes.
Toilets in Japan were traditionally tucked away in a dark corner of the house due to religious beliefs. Parents would tease children that a hairy hand might pull them down into the dark pool below.

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Big Scrubber

May 10, 2009

Seat that looks like a big brush. Solid English ash top, supported by 16 bunches of willow canes. The canes bend very slightly which helps the sitter’s comfort and posture.

Extract from Hen & Hammock


April 18, 2009

A simple, practical solution for the mobile sketch artist.

Extract from upwell

Lyra Colorstripe

March 24, 2009

This sleek mini jumbo size triangular color pencil has a larger rectangular lead that is exposed along the full length of one of the three corners of the pencil. This pencil allow a fine point to be drawn or the use of a broader side face of the lead for shading greater areas. A thin clear lacquer coat safeguards the color lead exposed along the corner edge until the pencil is sharpened.
The new design design even comes with a matching sharpener.

Extract from Lyra Colorstripe

Some LEGO employees get have a business card like this and they even try to match the look of the minifig (gender, hair, glasses) to the person.
They are expensive to make so only a few executives and people in PR roles get them.

Extract from Chief Happiness Officer

Paper Clip Lamp

February 26, 2009

Paper Clip Lamp, handmade from over 4,000 little clips, casts a prism-like pattern onto ceiling and walls when illuminated by its half-silvered bulb.

Extract from Apartment Therapy

Fairytale Bookmarks

February 12, 2009

“The quirky bookmarks in this set look like paperclips with feet, arms, or a tail. When used as bookmarks, they appear to be small people or animals stuck between the pages of a book.”

Extract from MoMA Store