Restless Chairacter

March 20, 2009

“The chair is made of a regularly solid material, while the joints and the skin of the chair are made of rubber. You may bend and turn any way you wish, without breaking or busting.
The design is said to have been inspired by an old grandpa’s chair that had become loose and creaky. This chair is for people who move around a bunch.”

Extract from Yanko Design

Drop Shower Faucet

April 29, 2008

Drop is the new faucet shower designed by Giulio Iacchetti for IBrubinetterie. ” a drop of water is a drop of life… the first squeezable shower to avoid wasting even just a drop”

Extract from Ibrubinetterie

A little boy who had been bullied and constantly being shot with rubber bands retreated to his lair only to emerge with an instrument of sheer torture to teach his bullies a lesson. Sounds like a story from Batman…
Composed of 479 pieces, the Disintegrator shoots rubber bands up to 22 feet at a blistering rate of 40 per second. Its 24 revolving barrels hold up to 288 standard-sized #36 bands, and the gun can be fired from a tripod, a table mount or from the hip.

Extract from Disintegrator

Adjustable Measuring Spoon

December 3, 2007

Lets say it together now… “why didn’t I think of that”. A rubber wall creating a seal that’s ideal for both liquid and dry measures. Soft ridges for a sure grip. Small spoon adjusts from 1/8 to 1 teaspoon; large from 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon.

Extract from Pampered Chef

Genie in a Bottle

August 29, 2007

Silicone rubber bottle stopper keep your vino fresh with a Genie to guard over the left-overs when you can’t make it to the bottom of a full bottle!

Extract from shopmodi

Sticky Tray

August 25, 2007

Made with 2 different materials, the rubber dots will retain cups and glasses in position whether the Tray is in movement or tilted. Very efficient for use on boat, on the bed or on any unstable surfaces.

Extract from Fproduct

Laser cut neoprene molded to form the ‘airflow’ cushion structure.
For the light fitting itself, it is held in a plastic cylinder and encased in a rubber foam structure. The structure is squashable which is a protective feature for the light fitting and adds a great tactile appeal.

Sensual materials

Lauren Moriarty designs and manufactures products which explore the potential of pattern, materials and 3-dimensional textiles. “Femine interiors are about more than pretty pastels and traditional floral prints, while patterns and colour is important. The simple sophistication of white is also appealing, with textures like lace and pleats adding interest. Sensuality is the key so choose tactile and intriguing materials that cast beautiful shadows.”


Her Noodle Block range of lighting, cushions and interior cubes came from a fascination for the effects that can be created when a pattern is put into repeat. Each structure can be squashed and bounces back to its original form. These are products with great visual and tactile appeal.

Extract from lauren moriarty

Wall Straps

May 7, 2007

These wall straps can be used to hold things right against the wall.The further apart you place the two end screws, the more tension on the strap and the tighter the hold.

Extract from Generate

Prison Pen

March 2, 2007


The prison pen is made from a soft rubbery material that bends under the slightest pressure, making it virtually impossible to do lethal damage with it. It’ as close as you can get to a stab-resistant non-lethal weapon whilst still providing the subject with a workable ball point to write with.

1) I am sure if the prisoner is motivated enough, he can do anything with just about any object in the room…
2) Why are they selling a prison pen to the public??? To save yourself from the school bully maybe…

Extract from Spycatcher

Plastic Fantastic

February 24, 2007

Antique Reconditioned wood Dressoir, coated in a soft skin durable rubber, suitable for outdoor use, available in many colors.

Closed back version of Voltaire 1 chair. Re-Worked & reconditioned wood chair,re-upholstered, and coated in a soft skin rubber. Suitable for indoor & outdoor use. Produced in Holland. Both by Jasper Van Grotel.

Its rubber… thats how we can bring live to old things… don’t have to throw, don’t have to buy new ones… by the way… its very expensive these… almost USD2000 for a chair?

Extract from Etsy