Tetris Tiles

September 28, 2008

For the hard core tetris fan… actually, quite nice and different as compared to the usual masaics…
But will it kill you trying out your own pattern? Or maybe you can replace it with your game of tetris now… new challenge… For the faint hearted, you can try the Tetris Mosaics that come in sheets with pre arranged patterns ready for tiling.

Extract from Tetris Tiles


Block Light

September 13, 2008

The block light lets you change its appearance to anything you like. The limitation is only that of your imagination. Each lamp is made up of 219 small, 16 medium, and 4 large blocks all made out of heat resistant plastic.

Extract from RED5

Next Generation House

September 12, 2008

It’s like a house built with Jenga blocks. The Next Generation House is a small weekend house that overlooks the River Kuma in Kumakura, Japan. It’s approximately a 13’x13’x13′ cube, with space that is formed by the cedar logs, creating spaces for seating, sleeping, eating, storage, etc.

Extract from sub-studio

OBLO 3D Puzzle

August 28, 2008

The OBLO by Marko Pavlovic is a 3D puzzle for kids composed of spherical elements of various sizes, shapes and colors. The pieces must be twisted against a central axis in order to be disassembled or assembled. A Rubik’s Cube for kids of sorts.

Extract from Yanko Design

Sudoku Puzzle Cube

March 8, 2008

I have seen many experts solving the rubik cube in 10 seconds. I have seen countless people on public transport trying to solve Sudoku without confident. I just saw a nightmare!

Extract from The Gadget Chest

Puzzle Carpet

March 26, 2007


The puzzle carpet allows you to create a landscape of your own in water, sand or grass. It brings in an element of the outside. Each piece measuring 36 cm in diameter is made in Italy of soft expanded polyethylene coupled with polyester fabric. Each pack includes 7 puzzle pieces… so you have to buy lots of it if you want to create a landscape in your house… If quite unique… You got to change it everytime you get bored… I want I want!

Extract from babygeared

Money Maze

March 23, 2007

Like the ISIS Adventure Puzzle Ball but can’t get the reward? Money Maze is a puzzle with a highly amusing twist. The idea is to put money, tickets, gift vouchers or any other small and flat present inside and laugh as recipients go nuts maneuvering a steel ball through a labyrinthine maze by tilting the cube, trying to get at their gift. The alternative approach of course is tosmash Money Maze to smithereens with a heavy object.

Extract from firebox