Random pic of the week

June 15, 2009

Barbie Foosball! Barbiefoot combines the iconic doll with table football, on one side it uses barbie’s pink, frilly world and on the other its uses the predominantly male world of table soccer.

It was created in partnership with mattel brands consumer products and babyfoot bonzini to stimulate thoughts about different mentalities and the pre- digested everyday ideas we commonly face.

Extract from designboom


3D Chessboard

May 8, 2009

This 3D Chessboard makes your game look more like an epic massacre on a jagged mountain than a head to head clash on a simple plain.|
The 3D terrain adds a completely new dimension to the already classic game of chess. The King looks even less obtainable now that he is set on his own little pedestal with his deadly wife.

Extract from Please enjoy

Destruct 3 Board Game

December 31, 2008

In Destruct 3, players take turns building a small tower while their opponents try to bring it down using one of 3 ‘destructro’ devices including a catapult, a wrecking ball pendulum and a ramp.
Besides the promise of smashing stuff up real good like, the game also teaches concepts like cause and effect, as well as basic engineering premises while you try to construct and position your tower to withstand the attacks.
Very nice…

Extract from UncommonGoods

Tetris Tiles

September 28, 2008

For the hard core tetris fan… actually, quite nice and different as compared to the usual masaics…
But will it kill you trying out your own pattern? Or maybe you can replace it with your game of tetris now… new challenge… For the faint hearted, you can try the Tetris Mosaics that come in sheets with pre arranged patterns ready for tiling.

Extract from Tetris Tiles

Block Light

September 13, 2008

The block light lets you change its appearance to anything you like. The limitation is only that of your imagination. Each lamp is made up of 219 small, 16 medium, and 4 large blocks all made out of heat resistant plastic.

Extract from RED5

Next Generation House

September 12, 2008

It’s like a house built with Jenga blocks. The Next Generation House is a small weekend house that overlooks the River Kuma in Kumakura, Japan. It’s approximately a 13’x13’x13′ cube, with space that is formed by the cedar logs, creating spaces for seating, sleeping, eating, storage, etc.

Extract from sub-studio

OBLO 3D Puzzle

August 28, 2008

The OBLO by Marko Pavlovic is a 3D puzzle for kids composed of spherical elements of various sizes, shapes and colors. The pieces must be twisted against a central axis in order to be disassembled or assembled. A Rubik’s Cube for kids of sorts.

Extract from Yanko Design