Rain Drops

January 24, 2009

The RainDrops system allows people to adapt standard plastic bottles to an existing gutter system to collect rain water. The repurposing of these plastic bottles will also give value to many bottles that are otherwise headed for landfills.

A large benefit to using plastic bottles as a water collection system is that it fits in nicely with the process called SODIS, which uses a combination of the suns UV rays and heat to remove pathogenic microorganisms that cause disease. This process is spreading across many developing countries due to its effectiveness and low cost.

Extract from Yanko Design

Recycle PET Bottles

December 11, 2008

This christmas, makes some recycled products for your friends…
This should be suitable for the Singapore parents. We used to see this bottles being used as school water bottles until the day a health warning was publicized. See what else you can do with your kids this school holiday.


Extract from noquedanblogs.com

360 Paper Bottle

November 27, 2008

The 360 paper water bottle from Brand Image is an attempt to address 60 million plastic bottles thrown away daily in the United States (of which 86% become garbage). The paper vessel is made from 100% renewable food-safe resources, fully recyclable and versatile in a number of potential liquid categories.

Extract from the dieline

Garbage Lamp

September 5, 2008

Made of used, compulsively collected polystyrene drinking cups.
So nice… something that i would have thrown away…

Extract from Coroflot

Bic Disposable Phone

August 14, 2008

When I hear the name Bic, cheap pens come to mind. Now Bic, in partnership with the mobile operator Orange, it has just launched a rechargable ‘disposable’ mobile that has been loaded with the SIM card and 60 minutes of talktime, which should be used in up to 2 months.

The design is not all that great (hardware by Alcatel) but what do you expect from a disposable and its main and only functions are to make and receive calls, and listen to radio. It comes in two colors (green lemon and orange) and the number that comes with the unit is valid for only 12 months.
Good when on the run or for that day when you left your phone at home…

Extract from comunicadores

Shit Box

June 26, 2008

Next time you’re camping, instead of digging a hole, why not infuse a little portability into nature’s call with the Shit Box? 
Shit Box is a portable lightweight cardboard toilet. It is rigid, resuable (comes with 10 degradable poo bags in case you start to imagine something unappetising) and fully biodegradable.

Extract from The Brown Corporation

Disposable Soles

January 1, 2008

Some people like it barefoot, some like house slippers. For those that fall in the latter check out these Disposable Soles by Jun-Soo Choi.  They come in a stand premade sticky. Just step on it and you’re off. Supposedly it’s a good way of maintaining hygiene and protects your feet. No mention whether it’s a one size fits all type or if its breathable but it is still a wonderful concept.

Extract from Yanko Design