Creative InPerson

February 13, 2008

Creative’s portable InPerson conferencing system consists of a device that resembles a 10-inch laptop, with a wide-angle view VGA-resolution Webcam, running off on 2 hour capacity battery or AC. You can hook it up to your TV for a more life-size conversation. It connects to the Net via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet, going through Creative’s servers for the video and VoIP audio. You can also stick an SD card in the slot and use it as a really expensive photo frame. USD699.95, and there’s a USD10 per month subscription fee for the Web service.
Why can’t I use my PC webcam or mobile phone instead?

Extract from CNET

I always think the Polycom pictured below was an amazing design… but technology wise… it seems to be inert. I thought today the Callpod Phoenix Bluetooth® mobile conferencing system and Dragon™ Bluetooth® headsets to be the future of conference and wireless calls.

The Phoenix™ is a patented Bluetooth® mobile conferencing system which connects 5 Bluetooth® headsets together so when you make a call, all five participants will be speaking in full duplex with the party of the other end. It also supports push-to-talk communication between participants, making it an ideal communications system for retail and restaurants.

Dragon™ is a 100+ meter range Bluetooth® headset that allows you to roam around your office or home without having to carry your phone. Advanced dual-microphone noise suppression gives callers a crystal clear conversation even if you are at an airport, noisy restaurant or car.

The Polycom SoundStation still look the prettier one…

Extract from Callpod