Audi Shark Concept

March 3, 2009

The Audi Shark is a futuristic flying concept vehicle with a streamlined design inspired by motorcycles and airplanes. It was designed by Kazim Doku and won the Desire Competition by Domus Academy.

The two-seater flying sportscar is inspired by the world of motorclycles and airplanes and offers its passengers “strong sensations and high levels of safety.”

The streamlined design of the exterior offers a visual reference to the car’s name and – in combination with the rear lower spoiler – gives the vehicle an “underwater” appearance.

Both the headlights and the tail lights are made by transparent tubes which integrate LED units. The interior features sporty seats integrated in the cockpit structure.

Extract from car body design

The New Velcro

May 19, 2007

Leonard Duffy “slidingly engaging fasteners” link up easily and silently, don’t wear down over time, and support eight times the weight that the stuff on your jacket can with plastic straps that bind together through matching, interlocking grids of little hexagonal or triangular islands. Duffy has used them to replace the laces on sneakers and the straps on ski gloves and wristwatches and to seal a breathable, waterproof cast he calls the Unitary Wrap.
All these because he is fedup with his broken zipper and problems with his sister-in-law’s cast for her broken arm made him reinvent the velcro.

Each plastic strap consists of an alternating series of 1/8-inch-wide perforations and small islands that can be almost any geometric shape. To bind two together, you line up the islands on one with the gaps on the other and snap them tight.

Extract from Popular Science

Sometimes life just get stale and inspiration doesn’t come from even beautful everyday things… So where go we get inspirations from… Fantasy and science fictions… Izmojuki’s website has many nice drawings and photoshopped images of robots, the types that always fascinates me since childhood and still does… the types that even look more imaginative than gundams and patlabors and macross and robotechs…


Extract from Izmojuki

Why design an iPhone… why sell something that is not your forte? Over the years, apple fans has been speculating on what is going to come out next in every Mac expo or major events like the CES. They have envision the products, and 50% of the time, they will be disappointed. Hey, they still got it right the other 50%. And Apple always aims to please its fan base. But how to design something that is what your customers want but yet be still unique and not another has been?

So Apple team has always been cracking their brain trying to solve this one problem. Yes? No? Its my assumption… The fans always takes the concept  straight from the design language of the previous products, thus the iPhone  concepts generated always look like an iPod… but Apple team themselves always design at another level. The level of new design semantics and new yet simple technologies.

The iPhone is not 3G, and will launch only in the middle of the year, and Asia waits one more year. What it has is the OS X… a computer operating system on a phone. and its not OS X mobile… its OS X, can that be??? and it always functions simply. A phone, iPod and internet. Finish. The design, a block of LCD and a metal backing. Finish. The fans are happy.

Why does it take one year to reach Asia though… it would have been obsolete, if it hasn’t been yet. Probably it will be an upgrade by then. 3.5G, 5mega pixel cam? Maybe… I be bored by then… but then again, Steve Jobs wants you to buy an iPod every year, so there’s a 99% chance the iPhone will have changed by then.. lets just wait and see… in the meantime, you can start thinking of what it will look like by then…


Two girls sketches simple furniture in the air in a studio which captures the action using motion capture and become 3D digital files for editing and viewing in, if I am not wrong, rhino software. These files are then realised in a big rapid prototyping machine.

I see a quick way of making some money… and each one is unique too. Click on link to see quick video of process. 2 thumbs up!

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