Carbon Fibre Pipe

July 24, 2008

For the fast and modern pipe smoker… woot… very nice.

Extract from purisme

I can’t believe this, a real fake cigar… I don’t know what else to say. It even has 21 different flavours to choose from and cost £39.00 for 22 Cartridges (equivalent to 22 packets of cigarettes)… thats cheaper than real ones I guess but I wonder if it really taste and feel the same and kills you just as fast.

Extract from Electronic Cigar Shop

No Smoking Ashtray

August 2, 2007

No Smoking Ashtray ignites thinking by presenting the user with the opportunity to ban smoking by lighting up. This contradiction in logic makes for an engaging product that leaves a burning impression.

Extract from TODA


March 28, 2007

It has no smoke, it also has none of the tar, arsenic, cadmium and formaldehyde of regular cigarettes… technically its not cigarette then… is it?
The NicStic uses a rechargeable heating coil in a plastic cigarette-sized stick to dispense nicotine without smoke. Packaged by a Swiss company in small containers that resembles a cigarette-case. It contains ten disposable mouth-pieces resembling a filter as well as an object that looks like a cigarette. In reality however, this object is a heating element that works from a battery. The cigarette-case itself works as a battery charger.

Assemble cigarette, insert into special opening of the cigarette-case filter up. Pause for 20 seconds until battery is fully charged and heating element reaches certain temperature. Puff it…

Extract from newlaunches

Random pic of the week

March 26, 2007

For smokers, you don’t have to carry a hardpack and your phone when you are out anymore. Not only does it look like a pack of cigarettes (the exact size and the exact warning labels concerning health), it actually holds half a pack of REAL cigarettes on the back. All you need to do is to slide open the battery cover. The phone itself runs on dualband GSM, takes microSD cards, plays MP3, has a color screen and a VGA camera on the side. For USD175 you will get a whole luxurious VIP kit with the phone, a pack of Chonghwa branded cigarettes as well as a lighter.

Extract from HKSINCERE

Smokers’ Incense

October 22, 2006


Smokers are a dying specie in Singapore what with tobacco tax raising almost every quarter of the year. When I was 10, 20 sticks of Marlboro cost about SGD2. Now its about SGD12 or whatever… It doesn’t matter anyway… the haze from the Indonesian forest fires is good enough high for us.

The Smokers’ Incense is supposed to covers up your smoking tracks after you finish your lung burning hobby by leaving a pleasent scent. £2.95 per pack. Wait a minute.. wouldn’t it be smokier? And what’s the difference between this and normal incense sticks? Hmmm…

I find these stuffs strange… are they meant to encourage smoking…  

Extract from BoysStuff