Novelist Koji Suzuki, author of ‘The Ring’ has chosen to print his novel called “Drop” on toilet paper. The thing is seriously being marketed as “Japan’s creepiest toilet paper”

The whole story is printed on toilet paper, takes place in a public restroom, and can be read in a few minutes.
Toilets in Japan were traditionally tucked away in a dark corner of the house due to religious beliefs. Parents would tease children that a hairy hand might pull them down into the dark pool below.

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“Self-Sustainable Chair, a dress made out of polyethylene, connected to shoes that pump air into an inflatable bubble attached to its rear part on each step. The dress slowly transforms into a chair with each step and holds the person to sit on it naturally. With his or her body weight the chair is slowly deflated and forms back to the original flat dress…”

Extract from Joo Youn Paek

In the Skin furniture, a thin, closely adhering and elastic layer allows the user to place objects underneath it. This layer adapts and takes the form of the objects, creating spontaneous contours that lead your curiosity to discover what hides beneath them. Nacho wants us to become playful and child-like:
“You’ll feel like playing hide and seek… and the unconventional leg heights change the point of view, one’s way of perceiving things”.

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I thought a fly printed on the urinals was intersting and uniquely useful… Is this opposing or more attractive to the user?

Extract from Tasarım

Spanish artist David Blázquez’s living art exhibition Human Furniture (‘MOBILIARIO HUMANO’). David creates beds, bathtubs, dining tables, book shelves, sofas and more, with naked human bodies.
The “MOBILIARIO HUMANO” exhibition is on display in Seville, Spain at the El Fotómata showroom, from 6 April to 5 May, 2009.

Extract from Homotography

Random pic of the week

April 27, 2009

Don’t use this stair if you are in a hurry.
Creative installation ‘le grand escalier’ for the ‘Abbaye de Corbigny’ by Krijn de Koning Architect.

Extract from The Trendy Girl

Random pic of the week

April 20, 2009

This plunger is inspired by Alfred Hitchcock, Psycho, from 1960.

Extract from Rafael Morgan

Random pic of the week

April 6, 2009

Giant toasted leafcutter ants.
Hormigas Culonas are harvested in the Colombian Amazon by the Guane Indians, during the short rainy season between March and June. They are then toasted in a mud pot over an open fire by the Indians.
The Guane Indians believe that these Ants have youth giving and Aphrodisiac properties and they are often served as fertility giving marriage food during nuptial ceremonies. Hormigas Culonas taste similar to crisply fried bacon with an earthy taste.

The mopane worm is the brightly coloured caterpillar of the Emperor Moth, which is one of the world’s largest moths, and the caterpillar lives on the leaves of the mopane tree. The worms are hand picked or shaken off the trees. The local collector’s squeeze the Caterpillars to remove their bright green ‘guts’ and then they are cooked in a cauldron of salty water until the water has evaporated, they are then dried in the Hot African Sun. Once dried, they can be stored for many months.
The biggest worms have the best flavour as they contain more fat ; the texture is similar to tofu or soya meat and they taste a little like dried fish, but they seem to soak up the flavour of whatever they are cooked with.
Now available ready packed…

Extract from Edible

Random pic of the week

March 30, 2009

Cucumber Pickers of Belarus. It consists of one tractor riding by the road in the middle of the cucumber field and carrying up to ten people by both sides of the thing that its towing.

People lay on it and pick up cucumbers on the go then putting them on the moving transporter which collects cucumbers to the central storage.

Extract from English Russia

Random pic of the week

March 16, 2009

A cactus is a symbol of patience, endurance, persistence and nostalgia.

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