Random pic of the week

March 9, 2009

“An ordinary phone booth was transformed into an aquarium by artists Benoit Deseille and Benedetto Bufalino as part of the Lyon Light Festival in France.

“With the advent of the mobile telephone, telephone booths lie unused. We rediscover this glass cage transformed into an aquarium, full of exotically coloured fish; an invitation to escape and travel.”

Extract from thepirata.com

Duplex Aquarium Cage

January 25, 2009

“Duplex is an aquarium/cage favouring an improbable encounter between a bird and a fish. The aquarium is thermoformed so as to create a space where the bird can fly at the same visual level as the fish.”
Extract from Constance Guisset

Random pic of the week

January 19, 2009

When there is a recession, go for training to improve yourself and be ready to come out running when the economy recovers.
The Fish Agility Training Set will apparently allow you to teach your ‘pet’ fish a series of underwater activities like swimming through hoops, pushing a soccer ball or navigating a slalom course. Instead of their usual routine of eat, swim, eat, swim, eat, swim, die.
The set comes with all the paraphernalia you’ll need to provide training and positive enforcement like a feeding wand you can use to lead them around.
And I thought goldfishes are stupid…

Extract from Hammacher Schlemmer

Hubcap Creatures

May 13, 2008

Hubcap Creatures by Ptolemy, who create a great art from unused objects. Hubcap creatures are made entirely from re-cycled materials. All the hubcaps are found, usually on the side of the road, and therefore bear the scars of their previous lives in the form of scratches and abrasions. More sexy fishes after the jump.

Extract from Hubcap Creatures
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Gotochi Dissection Animals

February 19, 2008

This is the best educational hanging thingy I have seen for a very long time. I will buy all of these at a wimp… it even has a guide to tell you are about the different parts of the animal. So much easier to remember than a biology textbook.

Extract from asunaro

Random pic of the week

September 24, 2007

Fishbowl take away. To carry your fish friend with you outdoors. By the designer Michal Shabtiali from Israel made this product for “kids with divorced parents”

So unique but so sad…

Fishbone Ice Tray

September 15, 2007


Let’s face it, ice cubes tend to be, well square. This new Fishbone ice tray is guaranteed to keep your drinks cool in more ways than one. Use them as a party piece, an icebreaker, or simply to keep your drink cold…
Made of high quality silicon.

Extract from GoGo-Gadgets

One Dollar Origami

July 15, 2007


From the artist “This is the side view of the new Koi fish. Notice the rounder head and more defined pectoral fins. All my works are original designs. They all use dollar bills with no cuts, no glue, and no tape. In response to everyone’s curiousity, the Koi fish is made with only one dollar.”

Beautiful pieces of origami from a Korean, all nicely done from a dollar note (the spider is 2 pcs of dollar notes i think). Click on the link to see more of the works.

Extract from deviantART

Random pic of the week

April 23, 2007

Fresh fish… or fresh blood… take your pick. What do they have in common? Both will smell if they are real, and both are equally comfortable to sleep on…

Karakuri are mechanized puppets or automata from Japan dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. The word ‘Karakuri’ means a “mechanical device to tease, trick, or take a person by surprise.” Japanese designer Keisuke Saka created this papercraft kit series filled with surprises and a dose of dark humor. Doomed is one fish’s Last Stand–rotate the wheel and watch it flip one last time in resistance to the chef’s knife. Mr. Saka is one of Japan’s most honored paper engineers. His thoughtfully rendered designs use the fewest moving parts to communicate their magical, elegant movement. D.I.Y. for USD16… why would people think of playing pretend to kill a fish?

Extract from A+R Store