Tagz LED Display

August 21, 2007

Tagz can be programmed with up to six different messages and set to scroll at various speeds across the bright LED display. Each message can be up to 126 characters in length. The user programs the messages using buttons on the back of Tagz.
Tagz are worn around the neck and can be worn over or under clothing. When worn under a reasonably thin material the messages shines through the clothing.
Great for Clubbing, find yourself the centre of attention – bring out the true extrovert in you, be wild, be free! Let the world know your thoughts, your mission in life, your mobile number, the possibilities are endless.

Extract from Electronic Healing


February 21, 2007

The PetsCell™ is the first voice enabled waterproof GPS cell phone optimized for animals. Meaning if your companion goes missing you’ll be able to track their exact location through software on your PC. It also allow you to setup a virtual geo-fence boundary around your property and the collar will automatically alert you when the dog has stepped outside of that area. Finally you can also call your dog to say good boy when it gets too far and you don’t want to shout…

Extract from PetsMobility

This Dog Tag MP3 player will be available in 512MB and 1GB capacities, with expandability with a microSD card. Best of all, its earphones are incorporated into a matching chain… Nice leh… but not for me… I don’t wear identity tags in the streets…

Extract from Anything but iPod