“…With a slim profile and a choice of wood and fabric options, Curve seamlessly blends in with your décor. It can be mounted anywhere on the wall, allowing maximum flexibility. The curving shape and cushion provide your pet with comfort and security when sleeping and playing on it. Appropriate for cats and small dogs…”

Extract from Supermarket


April 6, 2009

Doglight is a pet-lamp made of 6mm thick acrylic. When your pet is around, it will always lit up the darkness…
Extract from planta

Dog Pod

May 17, 2008

This beautifully curved design is completely gorgeous, but your pet will probably be too busy appreciating the luxurious comfort of the pod to notice. Sure to become a favorite spot for any small dog or cat. Look comfortable enough for babies too… or not…

Extract from Generate

SunSpa for Pets

May 16, 2008

SunSpa for pets. Simulating sunlight shining through a window, the 150-watt bulb keeps the bed between 80 and 85 degrees and lasts for 5000 hours. The bed’s foam pad is covered in stain-, odor-, and water-resistant Crypton Fabric. You can treat your cat to the royal godly treatment experienced by it’s ancestors during the era of the egyptian pharoahs!

Extract from trendhunter

Ellipse Pet Bed

May 16, 2008

Simple, elegant and stylish, the Ellipse Pet Bed blends easily into any decor. But, as much as you may visually appreciate it, it has actually been designed with your pet in mind. Ideal for small- to medium-sized dogs (or cats), its shape and faux fur cushion provide the ultimate in comfort for your pet, making its function just as luxurious as its form. 
Bent ply with choice of veneers. Removable and washable faux fur cushion.

Extract from Generate

Random pic of the week

April 7, 2008

Stephanie Metz’s incredible use of wool for her felted sculptures examine the anatomy of the fetal development of teddy bears, and their skulls… also large breasted cow, leggless lap chihuahua and adorable bull dog… scary and cute at the same time… 

Extract from Stephanie Metz

Indoor Dog Restroom

January 10, 2008

This mat-and-tray system gives dogs a place to relieve themselves when they can’t get outside for respite. This ingenious system uses a mat made of antimicrobial pourous artificial turf that gives off an organic scent to attract dogs, so they can be taught quickly that it is an acceptable spot for relieving themselves. The mat sits on top of a plastic grate which allows liquid to drain into the included tray for easy clean-up.
I do not know if it really works since the reason why dogs urinate all over the place sometimes is because it is marking it’s territory…

Extracted from Hammacher Schlemmer

Tagz LED Display

August 21, 2007

Tagz can be programmed with up to six different messages and set to scroll at various speeds across the bright LED display. Each message can be up to 126 characters in length. The user programs the messages using buttons on the back of Tagz.
Tagz are worn around the neck and can be worn over or under clothing. When worn under a reasonably thin material the messages shines through the clothing.
Great for Clubbing, find yourself the centre of attention – bring out the true extrovert in you, be wild, be free! Let the world know your thoughts, your mission in life, your mobile number, the possibilities are endless.

Extract from Electronic Healing

Random pic of the week

August 6, 2007


iPod docks are a dime a dozen but none are more mobile than Wei-Lieh Lee and Kevin O’Callaghan’s dock-in-a-dog-jacket, which will convert your pet into a walking boombox.

Extract from onthewei

Paw Jacuzzi for Dogs

July 31, 2007


After your dog has been out on a long photo shoot, it’s essential that he or she take the time to relax as well as clean those mucky paws. This paw jacuzzi is the perfect way of doing so, and comes with a special super-absorbent mat and towel for drying off. Get it in either pink or blue for 5,800 yen (£23/USD48).
I don’t even have one…

Extract from Amazon Japan