Eglu Rabbit Houses

July 2, 2009

The eglu for rabbits is a modern, easy to clean and safe home for your pet bunnies. Developed with leading animal behaviourists, the unique design enables your rabbits to express their natural instincts, making rabbit ownership more rewarding and enjoyable. They are great for chickens too.

Extract from Omlet

Rocking Chicken

November 23, 2008

Did not indicate the size but i assume not for the violent kid…
“Green chicken: The chicken, a rather unexplored shape, found its place amongst my green dreams. I wanted to portray this common bird as a sensational object by amplifying its characteristics and dimensions, turning it into a modern piece, one of great beauty and utility: a rocking chair. The movement, subtle and constant, would give the object a zoom-like trait, a sense of speed and dynamism. My green chicken had taken on a face, a shape, a place and a function.”

Extract from Hayon Studio

SegaToys created a new chicken robot to services and comfort the people in our new urban loneliness. The chick has touch sensors that trigger it to do nothing but chirps and cheeps or flap its wings when its back is stroked. It cannot, however, move… All you need to do is ensure it receives a constant supply of fresh batteries lest it be muted for good. The Robot Chick never ever grow up, chirping until its internal circuits give up the ghost.

Extract from Reuters


Dear Chicken, someday you will become  even more useful like a cow or a coconut.

Save the world, use less petroleum-based products. Also in the United States, chicken feathers, which are composed of keratin, like wool, make up about 4 billion pounds in waste each year. Much of this material ends up in landfills.

Yiqi Yang, a professor of textile science at the University of Nebraska, and his colleagues have already done significant research on developing fibers from rice straw and are finding ways to fully utilise the fibre properties of chicken feathers. They have focused on the thin, filamentous parts that form the fluffier parts of the feather. These parts have microscopic air pockets interlaced within a honeycomb architecture. Those properties could offer fibers that are lightweight, good insulators and impact-cushioning. And its cheap too.

Cheers to the chicken!

Extract from Discovery Channel