Star Wars themed flash drives with big heads. The USB drives feature the likenesses of Darth Vader,Yoda, a Stormtrooper and Boba Fett, and each one stores 2GB of data and are available for pre-order over on Entertainment Earth for USD 24.99 each.

Extract from Entertainment Earth

Star Wars Chubbies

June 5, 2007


To celebrate their 30th anniversary in true Star Wars style, here comes another merchandising rush. These Star Wars Chubbies are a seriously cool take on traditional Russian dolls. 

There are Vader, Maul, C3PO, Grievous, Obi Wan and Wookie dolls, each showing the development of each character from films 1-6. USD12.95 each…

Extract from Firebox

If you think the Mimobots are too cute for your liking or that they insulted your favorite characters for havin’ bunny ears, you could get these 256mb metal USB drive that hangs around your neck instead for 4,893 Yen. Oh btw… they are almost sold out…

Extract from Rakuten

Darth Vader nut cracker

November 22, 2006

Tis the season to be jolly, falalalalalalalala…. acquire the service of Darth Vader to crack your nuts this christmas. The nutcracker is handcrafted from select European hardwoods, decorated, and handpainted to depict the features and characteristics portrayed in the Star Wars movies. For decorative purposes only. First in the Star Wars series of Nutcrackers, the Lord of the Sith stands at 18 1/2″, draped in a vinyl cape and capped by his signature black helmet. He holds his red lightsaber and is decorated with details including vinyl boots, his breathing apparatus, and chest control unit.

At USD349.95, it’s an expensive decoration and there’s a Yoda version too.

Extract from Hammacher Schlemmer

Mimoco announce limited edition Star Wars mimobots!! Four new mimobots straight from the Star Wars universe geared up for release in 2007, starting with the dark lord, Darth Vader! A limited run of only 3500, so preorder now. USD79.95 for a 1GB version, all the way to USD169.95 for a 4GB version. @_@

If this Darth Vadar USB drive with little bear ears and tail will also come preloaded with bonus removable Star Wars mimobot content like trailers, soundbites, avatars, and wallpapers!

My christmas wishlist… will any kind soul out there buy me one?

Extract from Mimoco

Duck Fadar

September 29, 2006


Duck Fadar is, an LED-packed rubber duck resembling the Dark Lord of the Sith. Simply pop him in the bath and watch as he floats around and automatically phases through various mesmerising colours.

Duck Fadar’s internal LEDs are water-activated. Taking him out of the bath causes the circuit to break and his lights to go off. Impressive, most impressive!

What is the designer thinking???

Extract from Firebox