Homer Sculpture Puzzle head

December 31, 2006

150 jigsaw puzzles which stack on top of each other and eventually build in to a bust of Homer Simpson. Once the bust is complete you can paint it with the included characteristic Simpson yellow paint. There’s even help provided by numbers on the reverse of the pieces in case you are the impatient one. £24.99 for the puzzle but you got 150 times the fun… d’oh! This is great!

Extract from Hawkin’s Bazaar

Homer Dashboard Driver

October 10, 2006


Homer Simpson sticks to your dashboard and talks in response to your cars movements or at the press of a button…all in Homer’s real character voice!

Comments include: “Yeah yeah, quit your waving.  I’ll move through the intersection when I’m good and ready. Officer.”

“Car turning into Krusty Burger. Powerless to resist!”

“Your child might be an honours student, but you’re a moron!”

“What is it?  National Stupid Drivers Day?”

“Red light turn green….now….now….okay….now…..it worked!”

“Why don’t you come here and say that, huh? That’s what I thought, turn your walker around and hobble away granny!”

It’s only £7.99, so if you got agitated by it, you can either switch it off or throw it out of the window. They even have Yoda and Darth Vader versions…

Extract from Play.com