June 20, 2009

“Swissarmius is a cutlery holder that is simple and beautiful, useful and functional, like the real Swiss Army knife.”

For a moment I thought it was the real thing…

Extract from Art. Lebedev Studio

Sharky Tea Infuser

May 17, 2009

Sharky floats and infuses your tea. It will be an interesting conversation piece during a tea session with your friends or just to stare at it while having a cuppa alone will be relaxing… 

Extract from noquedanblogs


March 19, 2009

A little change to an everyday object makes such a big difference to the mood of an environment.

Extract from Invotis Orange

Kitchen Insects

February 19, 2009

“As part of her Little Wonders series, Sayaka Yamamoto’s Kitchen Insects collection was inspired by memories of growing up in the countryside surrounded by a wondrous variety of insects that “scared and sometimes fascinated” her.”
More beautiful “insects” after the jump.

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November 2, 2008

These unique ladles do not sink under water because of the empty ball on the handle area. You do not even need to lean the ladle on a pot as well.

Extract from TrendsNow

Lemon Presser

October 29, 2008

“Silicone lemon squeeze pouch. An innovative and functional design which will effortlessly add a touch of lemon to your dishes. As well as a useful kichen utensil it’s also an attractive table accessory which is simple and easy to use whilst dining.”

Extract from VINCO

Flora Silicone Spoon and Spatula Set are covered entirely in pure solid silicone with a stainless steel skeleteon inside. Not only are they simple to clean, they are also organically shaped like plant leaves. A planter would make a cool holder for these kitchen utensils.

Extract from The Green Head

The Salad Plant

July 4, 2008

The Salad Plant, a set of salad serving utensils camouflaged to look like a regular potted plant. The green melamine salad servers stand upright like leaves in a flower pot that also doubles as a mixing or serving dish for salad dressings or toppings.

Extract from The Green Head

Index Chopping Boards

June 6, 2008

Index chopping boards can solve any food contamination issues you might have. The idea is that each chopping board is used with specific foods. To help you remember, the chopping boards’ colors try to be reminiscent of the food: red – meat, white – cooked foods, blue – fish, and green – vegetables. The boards are made from polypropylene and are dishwasher safe. The boards also come with a housing unit, styled similar to a file folder, which is made of ABS plastic with rubber bottom. Beautifully brilliant!

Extract from ProductWiki

Adjustable Measuring Spoon

December 3, 2007

Lets say it together now… “why didn’t I think of that”. A rubber wall creating a seal that’s ideal for both liquid and dry measures. Soft ridges for a sure grip. Small spoon adjusts from 1/8 to 1 teaspoon; large from 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon.

Extract from Pampered Chef