So clever and simple. A watering container with a spout and a shower.

Extract from dezeen

I.V. Plant Pot

May 23, 2008

A self watering pot to make your life easier! Included with the lightweight fibreglass plant pot is a height adjustable metal rod, a refillable I.V. bag and a flow regulator that allows you to set watering rates to suit your plant. The drip also acts as a reminder to its owner as to when it needs topping up.

Extract from Vitamin Store

Drop Shower Faucet

April 29, 2008

Drop is the new faucet shower designed by Giulio Iacchetti for IBrubinetterie. ” a drop of water is a drop of life… the first squeezable shower to avoid wasting even just a drop”

Extract from Ibrubinetterie

Random pic of the week

January 29, 2007

Kit Kat that you can drink… only in the land of the rising sun…

Pet Drinking Fountain

October 2, 2006


I adopted 2 land hermit crabs on childrens’ day. “With power comes great responsibilities” so said Spiderman’s uncle. Anyway, I came across this just now.

This Pet drinking fountain resembles our own water dispensers in the office, but it consists of a traditional drinking dish as well as an air pump that constantly refreshes the water automatically, halting the growth of potentially harmful bacteria in the dish, which in turn ends up as fresh drinking water for your beloved woof woof or meow meow. The Pet Drinking Fountain is capable of holding up to 1.5 gallons of fresh water at any one time, hence maintenance is kept to a minimum on your part.

And its entertains you and your pet too.

Extract from Smarthome