Random pic of the week

April 13, 2009

Umbrellas for the Civil but Discontent Man
“Sigmund Freud contends that aggressiveness is a fundamental human instinct whose inhibition is a necessary obligation of social life. These umbrellas combine a symbol of gentlemanly refinement–the full-sized, black umbrella–with an element from more manly sword-bearing times. The umbrellas offer brief psychological respite from the dictates of social amiability.”
It seems more useful then hanging swords in the house too…

Extract from Core 77

Ramdon pic of the week

March 23, 2009

Created by designer Joonsoo Kim, the Cloud Umbrella is carried around in stick form (a pump), and then inflated into mini-cumulus clouds of protection when the rain starts to pour.

Extract from Joons

Smoon Ombrella

August 21, 2008

Smoon Ombrella is a device that acts as a light source and looking like a membrane on a stick. The product of furniture designers Beau & Bien, This moony umbrella LED lamp is intended to shield you from sunlight akin to an umbrella. And boosts the serenity of dark with soft light by night.  It runs off solar energy and can go a whopping 6 days on just 10 hours of charge.
This Plexiglas beast will off set your bank account by €1424.

Extract from coliseum shop

Useful and alive at the same time, this little indoor garden will need all your care to stay functional but will also make use of your umbrella’s residual water…
Good when you have no time to walk your dog too…

Extract from what else


April 18, 2008

UFO cap is a rain coat cum shower cap made by the Koreans… it looks stupid, but I guess it works… fails only when there’s wind and when you are passed by a car going through a puddle…

Extract from ufocap

Random pic of the week

December 3, 2007

This unique, funnel shaped umbrella harnesses the flow of rainwater down into its handle, a water pistol. The user can fire at will, maintaining a constant flow of water as long as rain continues to fall… encouraging adults to play in the rain.

Extract from Alex Woolley

Unbrella Pot

September 1, 2007

Umbrella Pot made of ceramic it uses the water run off from the umbrella to water the plant!
Even in rainy Singapore, it will probably die in May-August from the heat unless its some robust weed…

Extract from kyouei design

Light Saber Umbrella

February 26, 2007


A light saber umbrella promoted for adults in a korean site, made in china and battery operated, it looks pretty neat especially on a dark rainy night…

Extract from funshop

Rain fall in Singapore yesterday was recorded as the 3rd highest in 75 years… many parts of the island were flooded… the highest recorded was in 1978. In other news, this Wind-Defying Auto-Open Umbrella takes the issue on with an innovative design that withstands winds of up to 35 mph (That’s the speed of a mountain bike rolling down a slope without brakes). With the patented vented mesh system, wind is dispersed through reinforced mesh pockets in the lower canopy to eliminate umbrella inversion while reducing overall torque on the shaft and your arm, all while shielding you from precipitation.

Extract from Hammacher Schlemmer

Lexon Mini Hook Golf Umbrella

December 10, 2006

A hook at the bottom end of the umbrella lets you hook it on ur bag or pants, better than holding it all day or keeping a wet umbrella in your bag.

Extract from greenergrassdesign