Breffo Spiderpodium

October 15, 2010

Quite a while back, when I saw something similar to this in a shop holding a dummy handphone, in my mind it goes “yet another gimmick”. This show how uncreative I am in the imagination department or maybe I am just not inspired by the look.

When I saw this in Crave, I thought this thing is going to solve a lot of problems! The Spiderpodium consists of eight flexible, rubber-coated wire arms protruding from a rubber center. These arms can be bent and posed in pretty much any direction, orientation, or shape and will hold their position. Aside from your imagination, the Spiderpodium’s other limitation is the weight of the gadget being held, but again it depends on your imaginative mind to think how it is going to hold your stuffs.
Gonno get one or maybe 2!

Extract from breffo

Survival Straps

December 6, 2008

Survival Straps for the adventurer when he or she suddenly need 15′-20′ of paracord in their daily life. In an emergency situation, you can easily unravel the bracelet and deploy the paracord for use. It can hold 550 lb.

Extract from Survival Straps


Carrying around a spare SD, miniSD or microSD card in your pocket is just asking for accidental misplacement. But this little SD Card-eating man is the perfect thing to keep your memory cards close to your cellphone and camera while livening it up at the same time.

Extract from funshop

Nevermind the fact that this thing is straight-up fugly. Here’s a great example of an object that’s been designed with a direct function in mind. Whether you just cleaned out IKEA or actually work in a shop, this Magwear magnetic wrist band surely won’t disappoint…but for USD18, you will wish there was at least some kind of ergonomic wrist-hugging curve or a more thought-out band or something. But at the least, you won’t go nuts looking for bolts.

Extract from UncommonGoods

Wall Straps

May 7, 2007

These wall straps can be used to hold things right against the wall.The further apart you place the two end screws, the more tension on the strap and the tighter the hold.

Extract from Generate