Chubu 01

January 22, 2009

Chubu 01 is a robot from an alternate 1957 where robots are the primary mode of transportation. Build-it-yourself model kits are for sale in Harajuku’s TOKYO CULTUART gallery at 28000 Yen…
I love Japan’s imaginations…

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Hayashi Shigeki Ceramic Art

October 25, 2008

Hayashi Shigeki, from Tajimi City, draws inspiration for these ceramic figures from images from science fiction, animated film and Japanese comic books known as manga, all of which have attracted him since he was a child. He comes from a region of Japan famous for the production of porcelain domestic ware.

Very Japanese, very unsettling…

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Makes me want to tear up my old watches and have some fun…

Lego Stormtroopers papercraft! Impressive detail to the little pieces you need to make, it even comes with a laser blaster… Get a it after the jump or click on the link to get your stencils and start building your army for the next invasion…

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Eat a laughing buddha pudding, achieve enlightenment, happiness… Every set contains 4 single-dose (125ml.) in different colours,pistachio, orange, chocolate and rasberry.


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ZScanner 700 scans 3D easy

November 2, 2006

Connect it to your laptop with FireWire™, add the reflective targets to the object, quickly calibrate and scan. The 1kg handheld is plug and play, easy to use without a tripod and makes a modeler’s life real easy. Only USD39,990… I will stick to hand measures and modelling from scratch… 

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Two girls sketches simple furniture in the air in a studio which captures the action using motion capture and become 3D digital files for editing and viewing in, if I am not wrong, rhino software. These files are then realised in a big rapid prototyping machine.

I see a quick way of making some money… and each one is unique too. Click on link to see quick video of process. 2 thumbs up!

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When I first got very excited about model making about 11yrs ago, I bought myself a hobby kit with a small motor… and then I was introduced to Dremel, a machine with so much power that I can build a hardcore model without killing the motor… but then comes the problem, its big and it vibrates, tiring to the hand.

Today, I am excited by what I discovered online and will burn a hole in my pocket. The dremel stylus, good to hold, easy to control, grey so it won’t look so dusty, lithium ion battery for cordless maneuvers, dock for continuous charging, USD69.97… Wow… cheap in the US!

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