Chubu 01

January 22, 2009

Chubu 01 is a robot from an alternate 1957 where robots are the primary mode of transportation. Build-it-yourself model kits are for sale in Harajuku’s TOKYO CULTUART gallery at 28000 Yen…
I love Japan’s imaginations…

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Lunch Box by Oots

December 7, 2008

This lunch box has a retro colour and the lid of the box is shaped to keep a reusable bottle in place, under an elastic strap. The ‘stacked’ design is made from BPA-free and phthalate-free polypropylene and safety tested for lead. The lunch box and containers are dishwasher safe and the containers are microwave safe.
I like the bottle.

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Philips Intimate Massagers

October 8, 2008

Explore new ways to seduce and stimulate each other with these intimate massagers for him and her. These massagers ( I think there are 3 types to choose from) are designed to enhance your most intimate moments of pleasure together.

Made of a soft, sensual material, the intimate massagers feel comfortable and sexy against your skin. Incorporate these massagers into foreplay, using their natural fit in the hand to experiment together for excitement and stimulation, maintaining touch between partners.

Comes with a charging case for discreet charging and storage.
click on link to read more of their functions.

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Power Plant

September 28, 2008

Power plant growing machine uses NASA proven technology (or said the website) to substantially increase your growing success. Plants grow faster, fuller and healthier, with very low maintenance, from any seed of your choice.

Just add seed, pour water, sun.
It did not teach you how to make faster, healthier pizza though.

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Leatherman is celebrating its 25th anniversary with the Argentum Collection ~ an pricey line of limited edition hand-crafted leathermans by world-renowned artist and silversmith Adrian Pallarols. There are 7 pieces in the collection, the Charge Acanto is USD12,000.

The acanthus leaves on the Acanto hearken to the classic architectural ornamentation seen in ancient cathedrals and palaces.
What’s the appeal? No idea. It just look very nice at first glance.

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Happy Valentine’s Day. This posh intimacy kit, by Kiki de Montparnasse, celebrates intimacy and inspires the romantic imagination. Box kit includes handcuff-pattern silk restraints, a massage candle, personal lubricant (1 oz.), Kiki Select Kimono condoms, before-and-after mints and a Kiki Motif Instrument of Pleasure, an ergonomic, multi-speed and very quiet vibrator adorned with the Kiki motif.

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Six Shooter Screwdriver

January 2, 2007


Spin and load – and hit the right “bit” every time. The Six Shooter Screwdriver features a multi-bit screwdriver with a multi-barrel speed loading system. No more losing bits or multi pieces hassle… just a simple design, making a big difference. 

The Bit Shooter is supplied with Phillips, slotted, hex, square, torque and other tool bits. You will receive 3 cylinders, each with 6 bits inside. You can even replace the supplied bits with your own as desired. Now it need only be a good quality tempered steel, but it doesn’t say…

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RunAway = (Nike+iPod)-Nike

November 3, 2006

You know Nike’s collaboration with Apple for a running shoe that syncronised with the iPod. It not cheap to buy a new pair of Nike just because you want to syncronise it with your iPod. SwitchEasy has a solution that cost only USD7.99. The RunAway is a weatherproof sensor holder attaches to your running shoe’s laces and has an easy-to-access button to turn the sensor’s wireless signal off. The gadget comes with a receiver to connect to your iPod.

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I got my first exposure to killer plants when I watched the Little Shop of Horror… of course I got the wrong impression that a venus flytrap can eat up a man. But it has always been fasinating looking at these plants as they trapped and digest the insects, maybe they are martians disguised as plants…

This fascinating kit contains ten varieties of seeds of the world’s most lethal plants including Venus’s-flytrap, Pitcher Plant, Sundew Plant, Cobra Plant and others, all deadly to the insects they trap inside. Comes with a growing dome, swamp rugs, planting mixture and more.

Extract from What on Earth