Nail Cushion

November 23, 2007


This simple device holds your nail in the middle of a piece of plastic with a cross slice that holds a nail but lets the head pass through when you’re finished pounding. This one of those times that I go… together now… “why didn’t I think of that?!” but of course… the professionals don’t need it they say.

Extract from Yanko Design

August 1, 2007


S2 Hammer, designed with a split head that reduces the shock to the hands and arms of the user. Hammer testers say this tool can drive a nail to the hilt with just two strikes.


This revolutionary new hammer design secured a U.S. utility Patent with 27 claims. The Split-Head hammer offers many new features never seen before in the industry such as integrated overstrike plates, modular head construction, and elastomeric shockgaskets…
Still a hammer to me.

Extract from ATOMdesign

Ceramic Money Hammer

July 26, 2007


What, you may be asking, is a ceramic money hammer? Conventional wisdom and history would have you believe that breaking open your ceramic piggy bank with a hammer is the only way to get at your saved pennies. The designers at have simply taken out the middle man and built the bank into the hammer. When you need that extra change, simply break the hammer and watch your riches pour out!

This certainly doesn’t make any financial sense considering the Money Hammer Bank itself retails for a whopping USD60. I suspect that dollar bills would fare better than coins with this, but then the spirit would be missing if it wasn’t filled up with coins.

Extract from Unica