Random pic of the week

June 22, 2009

Neat! Easy access, clean, not afraid to run out of sockets… just be careful when cleaning the wall or leaning… 

Extract from Ironic Sans


Bath Bomb: “For absolutely fearless champions used to any difficulty or danger. For men stepping along the blade every day. For ones who really know the value of the words ‘honor’ and ‘courage.’ This gift is candy for eyes and ambitions.”

Extract from Yanko Design

Plug with a Hole

January 8, 2009

“Pulling out a plug is not a hard work, but it is not always an easy task. Therefore, you need a better solution. This plug comes with a circular cut-out which can help you pull it out easily.”
Technically possible… so why did it take so long?

Extract from I New Idea


August 22, 2008

Replug, a series of adapters and extension cables that couple between headphones and devices, turning standard 3.5mm audio jacks into breakaway connections. Each product comprises a plug tip that is attached to the body via a resilient elastomeric ring. When too much force is applied, Replug simply detaches from itself, preventing catastrophic damage to the audio equipment. The product series currently includes headphone adapters and 6-foot long extension and audio cables.

Extract from Replug

The consumer version doesn’t need to be installed in a wall and doesn’t need to be professionally installed by someone.

The concept is the same: a strip allows you to modularly plug in a bunch of gadgets. Each plug slides up and down the strip so you can position it the way you want. You can even remove plugs if you don’t need so many. Eubiq has a safety feature on each of them that makes it so you can shove your finger inside as much as you want and not be electrocuted. The plug needs to go in and twist to make contact with the sides of the track to reach the live wire (your finger will only hit ground).

Extract from Eubiq

The Eubiq System, first-of-its kind electrical power outlet system that is practical, safe and simply beautiful! Their innovative track capable system allows you to add, remove and reposition power outlets anytime anywhere – by just a simple twist.

Extract from Eubiq

Die Electric

July 18, 2007


After the upcoming apocalypse when there’s no more electric power, what will you do with all those powerless outlets distributed all over your house? Scott Amron, a conceptual consultant and electrical engineer, has an answer with his “Die Electric” experiment, plugging in useful objects such as toothbrush holders, flowerpots and fire extinguishers, all of whose electrical flow is dielectric, that is, not conducting any electrical current and neutralized for your personal safety and amusement.

Extract from Die Electric