Nosefrida is a doctor recommended nasal aspirator that removes mucous from your child’s nose. It was invented in Sweden by Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists, and has been used by Swedish moms and dads for years.
Nosefrida is a plastic tube with a filter that the parent uses with their own mouths to get the mucous out of their children’s noses. With the filter in place, the parent does not come in contact with the mucous from the child. There is no risk of bacterial contamination, in other words, you will not get the cold your child has.

Extract from Nosefrida USA

Pollen Removal Booth

April 7, 2007

In the land of the rising sun, germs are a concern. That’s why this USD15,900 “air shower” actually exists there, forcing despondent salarymen to subject themselves to a crazy wind tunnel that sucks the pollen and germs out of hiding in their various creases and crevasses before they enter an office building.

They used to just eat sushi for long life…

Extract from sanki

Henry Air Purifier

March 17, 2007


Swizz Style Henry Air Purifier features an automatic shut-off, stands just over 50″ tall, makes very little noise and is available in white metallic or black metallic.”. It has a modern five stage filter that stops all unwanted particles from getting through…

I don’t know what a five stage filter does but it looks nice and not look like most purifiers…

Extract from Swizz Style

Ionic Teeth Whitener

March 11, 2007

The “Ionic Teeth Whitener” promises to keep your pearly whites sparkling with a special blue LED that that “activates silver ions” in its accompanying toothpaste, according to Red Ferret. For USD30, it promises to “remove stains from coffee, soda, wine, smoking and more.”

I did not know that LEDs can remove stain… can we apply that to toilet bowls too?

Extract from crave

Bamboo Charcoal

December 25, 2006


I brought my mum to the Singapore Garden Festival 2 days ago… It was breathe taking… covering 2 floors in the suntec convention centre, there were garden designs from all over the world to compete for the best garden award, Singapore orchids exhibits and hundreds of plant stalls hawking their wares…

Then I discovered… Bamboo Charcoal. Called Takesumi or Chikutan in Japanese, bamboo charcoal burnt at high temperatures exhibits properties vastly different from the bamboo plant, including a high density and porous structure.

The many cavities of bamboo charcoal can attach different substances to their walls, and then release them later. For example, they can absorb moisture from humid air, and then release it during dry conditions. This makes it an excellent humidity regulator. It also has high mineral content such as calcium, potassium, sodium and iron. Bamboo charcoal has other benefits, too: it absorbs unpleasant room odours and harmful substances, generates negative ions that will put people in a better frame of mind, and emits far-infrared that helps to improve blood circulation.Also known as “Black Diamond”, bamboo charcoal products are well received in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Over the years, many uses have been created for household to bedding and personal care.

I bought 2 chunky ones for SGD15.20 (I think I paid a bomb but I am happy with it) and they are now protecting me from the harmful rays of my 32″ screen infront of me. Click the link to see the other uses.

Extract from Bamboochartalk

Zeno Acne Clearing Device

November 18, 2006


Zeno is an acne clearing device. Clinically proven, hand-held rechargeable medical device for at-home treatment of individual inflammatory acne pimples.

The proprietary Zeno technology triggers a heat shock response in microorganisms that cause skin lesions, bringing about the self-destruction of those bacteria and allowing the skin to return to a healthy, normal state.

It claims to “clear up a pimple in just hours”. I did it in a minute… with a bit of pain and some blood lose.

Extracted from Zeno [thanks Beverly]

Tina the Tortoise

October 28, 2006

It didn’t say how Tina lost her rear right leg but she was fitted with a plastic wheel four years ago to replace the leg. Recovering from her depression, she wore out and buckled the wheel over time as she tried to access rougher parts of her enclosure.

So, Tina the tortoise has been given a lift after being fitted with a suspension system and a pneumatic tyre to help her cope with muddy terrain. The three-legged reptile can now go ‘off-road’ after the 4×4-style system was attached to her shell.

Maybe the hare did it…

Extract from Metro