Albie Puppy Light

September 23, 2009

Albie puppy light is made out of recycled materials and parts. It looks like Pixar’s Angle poise’s dog…

Extract from Architects’ Journal

Lotus Furniture Set

September 22, 2009

Lotus Furniture Set as its name implies, blossoms like a lotus flower, so it opens like a big hug to welcome the user.
The Lotus has lighting on the upper surface of the table and chairs, so when displaced each chair activates the lighting.

Extract from A criacao

Kunsthaus Graz

July 31, 2009

The Kunsthaus Graz located in Graz, Austria is an exhibition hall designed for  multidisciplinary modern and contemporary art.

Kunsthaus Graz acts as an interface between past and future since the aesthetic dialogue between the new biomorphic structure on the bank of the Mur and the old clock tower on Graz’s famous Schloßberg (Castle Hill) is the trade-mark of a city aiming to create a productive tension between tradition and avant-garde.

Extract from Kunsthaus Graz


July 30, 2009

Just twist the cap above the petal opens and closes the bud, depending on how much surface you want the light to shine. 32 warm and cold LEDs spread across the four adjustable petals.

Extract from Yanko Design

Dynamic Lamp

July 15, 2009

Dynamic Lamp transforms kinetic energy to light, through a dynamo placed inside the globe. As you spin it, it glows.
“…Dynamic Lamp is a part of the wireless society. It doesn’t need any power supply or batteries, it just works with your own energy. It is based on the idea of producing your energy where you are, instead of transporting it in all directions across the earth. The sole by-product is exercise.”

Extract from Konstfack

Eneloop Lamp

July 1, 2009

Sanyo rechargeable Eneloop Lamp light your home when upright or your path when held like a flashlight as it passes the 90-degree mark. It also features a healing function that emits a cool blue light. The internal AAs recharge in about 12-hours when set atop the included induction charger. Fully charged, you can expect between 3 to 45 hours of white light, 12 to 16 hours of the blue glow, and about 6 hours in flashlight mode.

Extract from Sanyo

Peca Lamps

May 27, 2009

Peca Lamps use renewable materials, poetic form and beautiful shadows, they come flatpacked and easy to build.

Extract from peca


May 9, 2009

Iluma is a complete entertainment district incorporating theaters, clubs, bars, shopping and public space stacked up into a cube 80m x 80m x 80m. he building incorporates an interactive façade which is effective both during day and night.

The facade is formed by a tessellated pattern made up by plastic pieces. A regular matrix of fluorescent lamps produces a display screen, which however is distorted by the strong geometry of the individual light fixture and which is peppered by the regular perforations of the physical screen as well as by variations in the arrangements of the lighting fixture.

Exract from WOHA


April 6, 2009

Doglight is a pet-lamp made of 6mm thick acrylic. When your pet is around, it will always lit up the darkness…
Extract from planta

Ramo Lamp

March 29, 2009

The main feature of this lamp is it has no base or pedestal to keep itself balanced in an upright position, it is being just like a branch or a cut flower.

Extract from Modoloco