Veuve Cliquot : Dry Blizzard

February 14, 2009

The concept “Dry Blizzard” is a study of style and a new technical approach to an ice bucket for champagne Veuve Cliquot.

Using dry ice at the bottom to maintain the cold. A battery operated sytem is used to create a current of cold air around the bottle to allow champagne tasting at an ideal temperature while eliminating the usual water dripping.

Equally innovative is the double walled glass with an aluminum foot that keeps the champagne cool while holding and drinking.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Extract from TrendsNow

Ice Orb

September 2, 2008

You fill it with water, insert the central container to force the water into the orbs… and you can use it as an ice bucket, or use it to hold the ice!

Extract from fusionbrands

Random pic of the week

August 11, 2008

Gin & Titonic™ “Ice ahoy!! You get 4 ocean liners and 4 icebergs — just add gin,  Leo DiCaprio, and Kate Winslet for a perfect party. Individual peggable recyclable clear boxes.”
A bit sad though, laughing at the tragedy of thousands of people… Take it with a pinch of salt…

Extratc from Fred & Friends

Fishbone Ice Tray

September 15, 2007


Let’s face it, ice cubes tend to be, well square. This new Fishbone ice tray is guaranteed to keep your drinks cool in more ways than one. Use them as a party piece, an icebreaker, or simply to keep your drink cold…
Made of high quality silicon.

Extract from GoGo-Gadgets

Well, I think the idea is that you are suppose to place tetris in a glass… thus it said “Good for 3D Visual Logic Training & Improve both your IQ & EQ”. Now, at first glance, what I actually thought was that you are suppose to freeze your beer in these different shaped pieces and thus in order to drink more beer, you will have to be able to fit in more of the puzzles before it melts… hmm…

Its a toy if you are still thinking what I am talking about… not for drinking…

Extract from Brando

I know that there are ice factories delivering ice blocks to markets, parties and events, but I did not know of branded freeze-ready mineral water that’s hermetically sealed in recyclable containers sold like how they would sell bottled mineral water. Wow.. money to be made from anything. They come in pack of 4, 24 or 48.

Extracted from Ice Rocks

Lego Ice Cubes

October 8, 2006

You can use it for a cold drink, and maybe you might be inspired by it enough to build an ice hotel with them… or just stare at it. They are so cool…

Extract from Lego Shop

Ice Shot Glasses Party Pack

September 28, 2006

Add water, pop into the freezer and, in a short time, you have frozen shot glasses for your tequila. Cool idea but I am sure it hurts the fingers if you hold it too long or when your fingers fused with the ice.

Extract from BoysStuff